3rd April 2011

On The Mountain Path

Discipline Wedded To Joy

The Summit Awaits

By Stukelinho

27th March 2011

Fighting My Corner

Where I Learned To Work The Ropes

Boxing My Shadows

By Stukelinho

27th February 2011

‘Chico y Rita’

Reminds Me of life’s passion;

Beauty; Love; & Loss

By Stukelinho

20th February 2011

She’s Out Of My League

Where Once I Played Champions League

Now Forty, League One?

By Stukelinho

13th February 2011

Across The Waters

A Stone Is Skipping Lightly

Dancing With The Waves

By Stukelinho

23rd May 2010

Blue Skies; Orange Sun

Bright Yellow Flowers; Green Leaves

Pink Body; Burnt Red

By Stukelinho

1st February 2010

Why Seek Approval?

From Bad Bosses Who Use The

Carrot As A Stick

By Stukelinho

24th January 2010

Dark Chocolate Arts

Once Mastered, Now Time To Lose

My Green & Blacks Belt

By Stukelinho

17th January 2010

White Winter Sunset

Reflects On Ice Bright Crisp Snow

The Sun’s Warm Caress

By Stukelinho

10th January 2010

French Kindred Spirit

Brightens The English Winter

Mon Cœur Réchauffe

By Stukelinho

30th November 2009

Tentative Footsteps

Away From The Hermit’s Cave

Learn To Walk The Talk

By Stukelinho

23rd November 2009

I’d Walked In Darkness

Now Light Bringing Clarity

Reveals The Demons

By Stukelinho

8th November 2009

Arching Over Me

A Tunnel Of Tree Branches

Longing To Embrace

By Stukelinho

1st November 2009

Revision Your Reality

You’ve Held Your Heart Like A Fist

Embrace Your Demons!

By Stukelinho

25th October 2009

The Gods & Ghost Tours

Reigning Over This City

Cobbled Streets Glisten

By Stukelinho

18th October 2009

Once It Felt Like Fun

Now Kicking Through The Leaves Seems

Like A Metaphor

By Stukelinho

11th October 2009

Horse Chestnut Tree Pods

Harbour The Polished & Prized

Conkers To Conquer

By Stukelinho

4th October 2009

Milk In Hot Drinks? Weird!

Chocolate In My Coffee?

It’s a Mocha...ery

By Stukelinho

(Thanks to Anna Mumford for inspiration)

21st September 2009

Eighteen Years Later

and The Waist Coat Still Fitted.

First Love - Not Outgrown

By Stukelinho

14th September 2009

Acts Of Creation

Art That’s Not Narcissistic

Self Exposed As Gifts

By Stukelinho

31st August 2009

Running Through The Fields

A Squadron of Butterflies

Accompany Me

By Stukelinho

24th August 2009

The Inner City

All Those Satellite Dishes;

The Preferred Windows

By Stukelinho

17th August 2009

The Angels Translate

The Sublime Silence Of God

Heavenly Music

By Stukelinho

(With credit to Hildegard Von Bingen)

9th August 2009

We Seek To Capture

Moments Of Inspiration

In Seventeen Steps

By Stukelinho

2nd August 2009

Restraining My Howl

A Lone Wolf Pines For His Pack;

Can Grief Be Out Run?

By Stukelinho

26th July 2009

Carrying The Years

As Bags Under Eyes; To Be

Counted Like Tree Rings

By Stukelinho

19th July 2009

Footprints From Small Steps

A Hare Staring At The Moon

Giant Leaps Of Belief

By Stukelinho

12th July 2009

I Watch A Wasp Strip

Layers of Wood from a Bench

Paper Tiger Home

By Stukelinho

5th July 2009

A Russian Goddess

The Wind Caressing Her Hair

With Lover’s Fingers

By Stukelinho

28th June 2009

Foothills Feel Just Fine,

I’m Happy In Hill Stations.

Mountains and Rivers!

By Stukelinho

14th June 2009

In Search Of Lost Time

A Train Paused Between Stations

Proust! De Botton! See!

By Stukelinho

7th June 2009

Let The Right One In

A Vampiric Metaphor

That Love Bites And Drains

By Stukelinho

31st May 2009

The Light Is Changing

Illuminates The Shadows

Flooding The Colour

By Stukelinho

24th May 2009

Soaring Heights Through Sound

Such Vocal Aerobatics!

Seduced By Song Thrush

By Stukelinho

16th May 2009

Upon Primrose Hill

London’s History Below

Across Time & Thames

By Stukelinho

10th May 2009

Millennium Eye

Pods Glisten In The Sun Light

Then Blink, And Are Gone

By Stukelinho

3rd May 2009

“Sighs Matter”, She Said

Smiled, & Savoured Her Words

Like A Fine Whine

By Stukelinho

26th April 2009

Doors Of Perception

A Blackbird In The Blossom

A Gatekeeper Sings

By Stukelinho


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