26th April 2013

A son finds true love

A Daughter in law for me

Our family grows

By Linda Garner

I wasn’t looking

but somehow he found me and

now we’re married

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

I wasn’t looking

but somehow she found me and

now we’re married

By C F Garner

The Grotta’s gather

Garner & Oliveira

Are joined together

By C F Garner

wisdom comes with time, 

and mistakes and more mistakes, 

pity perfection

By David Gadsby

Magnolia wakes

Peaceful peachy pink petals

For one week only

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Springs bring things in time

Maybe sometimes more of it

Punctually? Me?

By Pete Lambert

Chew chew chewing gum

Open mouthed in quiet coach

Unquietly shhhhhh

By Pete Lambert

There is no wisdom,

In this monkey life timeline

Just error made dumb.

By Jon Crew

Leaves, buds and blossom

The green world is born again

Nature's miracle

By June Gadsby

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