25th September 2011

Spring time once again

One more flower in garden

The cycle of life

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

Mariana's trench

Stare into the dark abyss 

Takes courage to dive

By Phi Yaan-Zek

A Proclaimation

Cut and paste style politics

Free Tibet dot Org

By Mark Garner

Earth Spins. Season’s Change

Autumn Leaf Fall. Blossom Spring

Thank You For This Day

By C F Garner

Steampunk Shakespeare

Crafty tribute to The Dane

The Ages morphing...

By Steven Langley

The hounds are baying

In the green hills all around.

Shots echo. A kill.

By June Gadsby

Ears alert, eyes bright;

Answers the call of the wild.

But no walk today.

By June Gadsby

The hedgerows glisten

Dew like diamonds in the grass

A twitter of birds. Morning.

By June Gadsby

Sid dropped in for tea,

Ate lizard but left the tail;

Above my head; snake.

By June Gadsby

September grasses

Draped with sparkling tinsel webs

Flowers doze. Autumn

By June Gadsby

Still that hankering

Doubt keeps lurking "Is what I've

Prepped quite enough?"

By Pete Lambert

18th September 2011

Past, present, future

We live illusions of time  

But there’s only NOW

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

Braving the darkness

I escaped from hell, falling

Out through a Fire Exit

By Mark Garner

On The Log Flume Ride

Her Smiling Face Showed No Fear

I’m One Proud Uncle

By C F Garner

Mister grog head speaks

Push for the Apocalypse

Prisoners of Time

By Phi Yaan-Zek

A level physics

A fascinating subject

The Higgs particle ????????

By Max Pattman

Chris is getting old

But he is old already

Never will I catch him

By Angie Thomas

Back again Word Friends

Blood and minds concern us all

When will it all end?

By Steven Langley

Kaleidoscope dreams

Exotic birds in green pools

Wake to start the day

By Steven Langley

Maize high, golden, dry;

Whispers neath falling rain: sshhh!

Me wet; soggie dog.

By June Gadsby

Ghostly shapes in mist

Emerge, green gentle giants.

Gently jewelled lake.

By June Gadsby

September sun lies low

Hedgerows glisten, glow and gleam;

Shimmering cobwebs

By June Gadsby

Grapes warm from the vine

Like vintage muscadet wine

Orbs of temptation

By June Gadsby

11th September 2011

Her first day at school

Looks older in uniform

Learning to let go

By Mark Garner

Dance, play, love and joy

It’s Us Amazonians

Poor real city boy

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

A Polished Mirror

Will Reflect Reality

My Mind So Dusty

By C F Garner

Exchange of glances

Me, Lobster -Should I eat him?

No, Its frog today

By David Gadsby

Using computers

Is like swimming in treacle

Without sweet results

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Windy days blow in

Leaves fall off the trees, time gone

Winter chills blow in

By Angie Thomas

Pure and virginal,

Fairy goblets, nectar full,

Inner child revived.

By June Gadsby

Lost and neglected,

Not pretty, nor is she brave.

Dog in need of T.L.C.

By June Gadsby

4th September 2011

September arrives

Spring here, autumn in the north

Flowers or red leaves?

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

The Difference Between

Knowing & Walking The Path

Is One Step Away

By C F Garner

Brine-encrusted verse

Rhymes of ancient mariners

And Birkenhead drills

By Mark Garner

Its a pilot scheme

To soar high above the clouds

Optimistic skies

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Bad Bad Day Today

Need to find new direction

Need a good cheer up

By Angie Thomas

Terribly tetchy,

No reason, no rhyme; he rants.

Soft vibes soothe *my* happy place.

By June Gadsby

Dreams of family

Around the Christmas table.

Fading memories.

By June Gadsby

Indigo clouds roll

Rain splashes down like cold tears.

Think silver linings.

By June Gadsby

With no thought to mind

I stroke the head, feel the kiss.

Thor, sweet Rottweiler.

By June Gadsby

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