16th June 2013

I could have lingered 

Holding open the door but 

You seemed far. Now, doubts.

By Pete Lambert

26th April 2013

Springs bring things in time

Maybe sometimes more of it

Punctually? Me?

By Pete Lambert

Chew chew chewing gum

Open mouthed in quiet coach

Unquietly shhhhhh

By Pete Lambert

5th March 2013

Quiet Coach Baby

Perhaps ill-advised to book 

Quiet Coach, baby.

By Pete Lambert

10th June 2012

"Thanks for your helpful

suggestions." *click* We both knew

what I really meant.

By Pete Lambert

13th May 2012

Last night I danced to

Eurotrance on the same floor

As the Queen Mother

By Pete Lambert

The blossom drenched car's

overnight coat commuted.

Left pink, arrives blue.

By Pete Lambert

29th April 2012

You are always cold

Though is it not cold in here

You affirm coldness

By Pete Lambert

4th March 2012

"For ev'ry drop of

rain that falls a flower grows"?


By Pete Lambert

5th February 2012

Memorably dreamt

Jesus, Admiral Akbar

Fought in my garden

By Pete Lambert

22nd January 2012

I dreamt I was one

of the ones who remembered

to write down their dreams

By Pete Lambert

11th December 2011

Two parts lost returned

A century more still missed

From time lord's seasons

By Pete Lambert

2nd October 2011

Young fox meets old cat

Not quite a stand-off but you

Wouldn't say "rapport"

By Pete Lambert

25th September 2011

Still that hankering

Doubt keeps lurking "Is what I've

Prepped quite enough?"

By Pete Lambert

28th August 2011

Inaudible till

Too close to focus now, knew

I'd get bit, but slept

By Pete Lambert

14th August 2011

"Knew he could do it,

and only two office days!"

(He last slept Wednesday)

By Pete Lambert

7th August 2011

Quaker founders ruled

Borough dry which found us

Off the beaten track

By Pete Lambert

31st July 2011

Gone before my birth


I rake with your rake

By Pete Lambert

17th July 2011

Greensleeves rings out in

Increased saturation not


By Pete Lambert

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