30th October 2011

Linger at the gate

Just to check; see her face turn

Small thumbs up and smile

By Mark Garner

My secret hobby

Geppetto (or Giuseppe)

Spirit and paint fumes

By Mark Garner

Gravity eddy

I'm pulled off trajectory

Eject or remain?

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Pink, red, orange

Argentinian roses

Color my mirror

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

Psychopathic State

No Empathy, No Freedom

Chinese Compassion?

By C F Garner

23rd October 2011


The Veil Has Lifted
It’s Like The Light’s Been Turned Up
Please God May It Last

By C F Garner

When I Got The Blues
A Colourful Butterfly
Told Me All Is Good

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

Strangely Beautiful
The man who paints the rainbows
Happy all the time

By Mark Garner


Reaching for the stars
Someone to share my life with
Sense of Belonging

By Mark Garner


Taking the long road
Weeks of salvaging ahead
All when hard drives fail

By Phi Yaan-Zek 


Foreign seas ahead
Sea Storms bring in huge waves
Amazing to watch

By Angie Thomas 


The walls speak to me;
Incomprehensible thoughts.
Hissing Sid is trapped.

By June Gadsby


The Autumn winds blow.
Leaves tumble and fall in haste,
Heralding new life.

By June Gadsby


Judge not too harshly
Face, clothes, attitude - search for
The person within

By June Gadsby


Petit Paradis,
Where my heart will always be
Behind gates of joy.

By June Gadsby

16th October 2011

There’s a big ocean

Between your garden and mine

Oh, let’s buy a boat!

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

No Fence Keeps Us Out!

Our Secret Magical Trip

Amongst Ancient Stones

By C F Garner


Pink Welly Katy

A modern day pink lady

Trendy in the rain

By Angie Thomas

Rushing to stay still

I am where I always am

So why be elsewhere?

By Phi Yaan-Zek


'Your health is your wealth'

Face the pain? Prescribed relief

Co-codamol sleep

By Mark Garner

Mister Beau Jangles

Rattles stones above my dreams

Plays his nocturne game

By June Gadsby


Mystic morning lights

Shine through a frowning sunrise

Oh, reluctant day!

By June Gadsby

Escape old beliefs;

Go into the possible;

Be amazed by all

By June Gadsby


A rainbow at dawn

Magically spans the rooftops.

The storm has ended.

By June Gadsby 


The call of the wild

Silenced in paint on canvas

His beauty captured.

By June Gadsby


9th October 2011

A madman’s castle

impregnable Fortress

keeps sanity out 

By David Gadsby

Two Rivers’ City

And Tango Is Everywhere

In Buenos Aires

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

"What Carved This Valley?”

I Thought, As We Hiked Those Hills

"How Gentle That Stream”

By C F Garner

On the watchtower

My control and resistance

Hidden life cycles

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Saddle up and ride

Off into the misty morn

Yeehaw! Bike Cowboy

By Mark Garner

The rollercoasters

Stuffing your face with pizza

Try not to vomit

By Max Pattman

In a spice garden

My hand was stroked with saffron

“Now, Buddhist,” he said.

By June Gadsby

A cup of nectar;

Ginger tea with Cinnamon.

Ceylon’s healing balm.

By June Gadsby

Mad! Wanders through village;

Mutters as she counts fingers:

Five, seven – Haiku!

By June Gadsby

Three sisters unwed

Ninety years live together

One remains, two dead

By June Gadsby

Bleak skies rise ahead

Fading of the night time skies

What will the day bring?

By Angie Thomas

2nd October 2011

Red orange and brown

Leaves tremble in the warm wet

Mellowness in colour

By Anne A George

Dancing bear does tricks

On a waterfall his paws

Natures fishing rod

By David Gadsby

Cold, cold, cold, cold, cold

You've met Mister Autumn then?

Cold, wet, bit sun, cold.

By Steven Langley

Suddenly: drip drip

Yes! I hear the greatest sound!

Finally it rains!

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

A HUGE spider runs

I capture then release it

(feel like Steve Irwin)

By Mark Garner

When there is no time

Deadline tensions and sore neck

I'm fooled by the clock

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Curse of the Sodcast

Awful Loud Tunes From Mobiles

Destroy The Silence

By C F Garner

Young fox meets old cat

Not quite a stand-off but you

Wouldn't say "rapport"

By Pete Lambert

Sulking furry friend

Toby has the doggie blues

Rolled in poo – bath time!

By June Gadsby

Walking ‘neath silent skies;

No caw, no tweet, no flutter.

Where have the birds gone?

By June Gadsby

Maize, once tall and proud

Is cut and gone to fodder.

Awake Brigadoon.

By June Gadsby

Pretty white kitten

Bounds, blue eyes full of surprise.

Lands in dyke; soars.

By June Gadsby

Wonders of the skies

Shine the natural canvas

Beauty above us

By Angie Thomas

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