31st October 2010

Just Philosophy?

See Buddhism As A Verb

That’s Why We ‘Practice’

By C F Garner

Running Out Of Leaf

Turn To My Tin Magazine

Stocked With Gunpowder

By Mark Garner

For you can't see me

As I fight in the trenches

Surrender is near

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Christmas Is Coming

Good Friends and Family Meet

All Gather In Love

By Angie Thomas

24th October 2010

The River Whispers

“Time Flows In The Present Tense”

While Greenwich Reflects

By C F Garner

Mrs Van Der Graaf

The old woman with mad hair

And canine best friend

By Mark Garner

Pain into passion

I sharpen on a full moon

When life seems too blunt

By Phi Yaan-Zek

working all day long

family times on my mind

wanting to be home

By Angie Thomas

windows versus mac

absolutely no contest

apple controls you

By Mark Thomas

katy loves Miley

she likes to play on the wii

and she loves her tea

By Chris ‘Dicky Mint’ Kirt

chris is a big gay

he eats trifle all the day

he will be obese

By Kate Thomas

(I think this one’s about Chris Dicky Mint)

chris likes the x box

nazi zombies for the win

gives him scary dreams

By Molly Thomas

(I think this one is about me :))

17th October 2010

Into Shadow To

Slay The Beast That Steals My Time.

Sword Unsheathed, I Charge!

By C F Garner

It is a blank slate

Nothing is coming to mind

Tabula Rasa

By Mark Garner

As I feel into

The heart of a blue lotus

How my warmth deepens

By Phi Yaan-Zek

From wilderness and

foreign shores I return to

the joy of haiku

By David Gadsby

Working all day long

Home with very tired feet

Early to my bed

By Angie Thomas

friday night party

slinky black dress is too tight

breathe in and don't eat.

By Linda Diana Thomas

10th October 2010

“Have We Conquered An

Enemy? None But Ourselves.”

For George Mallory

By C F Garner

Silhouettes at Dusk

Ghostly Steam Clouds Rise Over

Grey Cooling Towers

By Mark Garner

In Kali's garden

Love when you chop my head off

My challenge to grow

By Phi Yaan-Zek

At Work With Migraine

Wishing I Had Some Pills To Take

Leaving Soon Thank God

By Angie Thomas

Midsomer murders

People dropping dead like flies

Village now empty

By Linda Diana Thomas

3rd October 2010

Mist Covered Summits

Of Canary Wharf Towers

A Cities Mountains

By C F Garner

Constant projector

Why are my movies so wrong?

Multiplex complex

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Colin is his name

small bundle of happiness

sweet furry kitten

By Vanessa Bandini Gadsby

Good day alive now

Seeds break out there autumn charm

Dance wind seeing rain

By Steven Langley

Hazy Summer Sun

Long Winding Roads Passing By

Chatting Passes Time

By Angie Thomas

Peel away layers

Keep moving further beyond 

Don't forget the mat

By Mark Garner

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