25th October 2009

Autumnal Sunset

Leaf Colours Mirror The Sky

Yellow, Orange, Red

By C F Garner

Cranes Dance Whilst Snow Falls

On A Dark Tower Where I

Watch Planets At Night

By Mark Garner

A bit stressed out,

but only just a little,

Wednesday please come!

By Vanessa Bandini Gadsby

Dash dot dot dot / dot /

Dot dash dot dot / dash dash dash /

Dot dot dot dash / dot

By Phi Yaan-Zek

The Gods & Ghost Tours

Reigning Over This City

Cobbled Streets Glisten

By Stukelinho

Leaves fall like butterflies

amidst autumn, the wind blows

beckoning branches

By David Gadsby

18th October 2009

Wabi Sabi Style

Beauty in Imperfection

And Impermanence

By C F Garner

Little mad woman,

living in her little world,

crying with no tears...

By Vanessa Bandini Gadsby

Flowing, staccato,

Chaos, lyrical, stillness

Dancing five rhythms

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Once It Felt Like Fun

Now Kicking Through The Leaves Seems

Like A Metaphor

By Stukelinho

Your Job Is At Risk

Of Redundancy, They Said

Autumn Shone Outside

By Mark Garner

11th October 2009

“All The Leaves Are Brown...

I’m, Carioca Dreaming

On A Winter’s Day”

By C F Garner

Do You Do Haiku?

Wistful Yearning, Keen Insight?

Well, I Wrote These Lines.

By Mark Garner

Don't know what to say,

don't even know what to think,

sometimes words don't work.

By Vanessa Bandini Gadsby

Received tantrika

More sensuous chest dancing

Where we meet again

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Horse Chestnut Tree Pods

Harbour The Polished & Prized

Conkers To Conquer

By Stukelinho

4th October 2009

Shatter The Hourglass

Fight The Arch Demon of Time

Draw The Line, & Shine!

By C F Garner

(Thanks to Mr Phi Yaan-zek for inspiration)

Life’s Worries Disperse

Lost In The Soft, Slow Plunge Of

A Cafetiere

By Mark Garner

to owe two haiku

is a stressfull thing for sure

lazy slapdash sloth

By David Gadsby

Looking for some warmth,

sitting under the sunlight

spider webs caught me...

By Vanessa Bandini Gadsby

Blissful purveyor

Buzzing, tingling skin to skin

Kiss because we can

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Milk In Hot Drinks? Weird!

Chocolate In My Coffee?

It’s a Mocha...ery

By Stukelinho

(Thanks to Anna Mumford for inspiration)

stuck in a bubble

struggling to find my purpose

world moving outside

By Amy Lovell

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