21st Nov 2012

Family & friends

are here in my heart; & if

I’m lucky, on Skype!

By C F Garner

Brasil welcomes me.

Shade & love, within the arms

of an Olive Tree

By C F Garner

Whirlwind in my life

It’s all upside down, but good

He is here at last!

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

Street walking. Scents of

Washing powder and wood smoke

carried on the breeze

By Mark Garner

Autumn chill round us

We watch him in the sunshine

Skype links together

By Linda Garner

Scary dark presence

Invisible hands beating

The message unclear

By June Gadsby

Deep, dark, foreboding

A journey we must all take

Through the looking glass

By Phi Yaan-Zek


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