27th November 2011

In deep, ice-cold dark

Midst swells of Battleship Grey

Rests the Mighty Hood

By Mark Garner

Inspire me chris

My mind is blank, but what new

Next week maybe one

By Angie Thomas

“Table for One Please”

For Some, It’s a Phrase to Dread.

Enjoy The Silence

By C F Garner

Youth fades like a rose.

The vessel, worn, still holds

The girl that was me.

By June Gadsby

On the cancer ward

Anger eats you from inside

Terminal patience?

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Ev'ry thynge will fade

Brightest Moonshine turns to grey

Dig Earth while you can

By Steven Langley

20th November 2011

Rusting brass trophies

Roared then silenced by tigers

Now stand unnoticed

By Mark Garner

From the well of dreams

Quenching synchro-gnostic thirst

And life's barren soil

By Phi Yaan-Zek

A Glass Opera

Sanskrit Sung Meditations

On Satyagraha

By C F Garner

Counting Moon Phases

Till Heavenly Bodies Meet

An Eclipse Awaits

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos & C F Garner

Blanket of grey fog

Like the grey thoughts in my head

Waiting for the sun

By June Gadsby

Eight notes white, five black

Some go forward some go back

If you have the knack

By Linda Diane Thomas

Today the world reels

Shakey' goes to morbid tomb

Eh mate! Gizza job!

By Steven Langley

13th November 2011

Two hundred and six

Eight countries and two decades

My life in letters

By Mark Garner

Unexpected rain:

Amazing smell of wet land!

Happy with small things...

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

Songs That Saved My Life

So Frankly Mr Shankly

Knows The Smiths Forged Me

By C F Garner

Whose thoughts do you think?

Mass culture mind infection

Adverts steal your soul!

By Phi Yaan-Zek

A Hamlet haiku.

Young man, mad bad King, kills Dad

Plot follows plot. FIGHT!

By Steven Langley

I approach the oaks

This year's old vines in my sights

Acorns crunch beneath

By June Gadsby

7th November 2011

To quote from Shakespeare:

"Nothing either good or bad,

thinking makes it so"

By Mark Garner

Winter gloom arrives

Curtains close so snuggle in

Cold starts to creep in

By Angie Thomas

It’s a hot spring here

But cold winter waits for me

In Shakespeare’s country

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

An elephant's pace

Slow, strong, solid and steady

But will I forget?

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Two Minutes Silence

At Quadruple Eleven

An Autumn Leaf Falls

By C F Garner

Autumn reflection

After summers discontent.

What brings the winter?

By June Gadsby 

Bright November morn.

Blue skies, purple mountains rise

With mantles of snow.

By June Gadsby

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