28th November 2010

The White Spring Temple

Candles Light Up The Darkness

My Path Enlightened

By C F Garner

Fellow commuter

We pass, no salutations

A fox in the snow

By Mark Garner

The inner fire glows

When clarity warms the heart

Welcome all inside

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Cornflakes eaten quick

No time for make-up today

Must scrape snow off car!

By Linda Diana Thomas

21st November 2010

To Dennis, My Friend

All Those Joyful Walks We Shared

Are Here In My Heart

By C F Garner

Norfolk Ghost Story

“Who Is This Who Is Coming?”

Chilling Inscription

By Mark Garner

Again deja-vu!

I've got a good memory

People forget that

By Phi Yaan-Zek

14th November 2010

Happy \ Sad; Good \ Bad;

Like Bird Footprints In The Sky

Why Trail Emptiness?

By C F Garner

Question: Who Am I?

Changing, Developing Like

Any Human Heart

By Mark Garner

Embrace earth and sky

Tall entwining elegance

She stands bare again

By Phi Yaan-Zek

New Sofa Is Great

Old Sofa Stuck In The Door

Must Go Out, Came In!!!

By Angie Thomas

7th November 2010

A Temple To Tea

In Shades of White, Green, Yellow,

Black, Oolong, Pu-Erh

By C F Garner

London Hieroglyphs

Rameses added his mark

And so did the Hun

By Mark Garner

Fiery amber hues

Letting go in warm cascades

Why stay evergreen?

By Phi Yaan-Zek

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