27th May 2012

Mama Mia Isle

"Here we go again" on hols

Hope Colin Firth there !

By Linda Garner

Night phantom visit

Hegel's bird of Minerva

Cries past my window

By Mark Garner

End of semester

Classes, research...Loads to do.

Run, Clarinha, run

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

In sweet gentle tones

Minerally softly called

Serenades my heart

By Phi Yaan-Zek

I’m Drunk on Soy Sauce

Little Coloured Plates Pile Up

Yo Sushi Addict

By C F Garner

20th May 2012

Grab each day that comes

But why do i worry so ?

It's just a habit

By Linda Garner

Some people at Work

Want lazy retirement days

Well i'd like them too

By Tony Garner

Release into bloom

Vibrant colours sing with joy

I'm learning this tune

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Sub aqua photos

In the pool-like Cuban sea

So much fun with you

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos & Chris Garner

Walking, I wonder

What those strange blue flowers are

(Forget about work)

By Mark Garner

Lost my Haiku hat

It floated off in the wind

Oh chapeau, chapeau!

By June Gadsby

Early risers all

Angie, Linda Daisy, June

Long days, longer life!

By June Gadsby

Today? A bonus.

Yesterday has passed and gone.

Tomorrow, who knows?

By June Gadsby

Mondays are so bad

Weekends need to be so more

Friday soon I hope

By Angie Thomas

Hypnotic Rhythms

Of Susumu Yokota

Soundtracks The Haiku

By C F Garner

13th May 2012

Wine Gum Incidents

We Were Intoxicated

La Dolce Vita

By C F Garner

Forgotten knowing

Mooh-ure kithe rakkath rakkath!

Secret texts revealed

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Planted a fruit tree

I'm hoping that it endures

And not in Drake's sense!

By Mark Garner

Seed trays in greenhouse

Other plants set in allotment

Waiting for the sun

By Tony Garner

Our team in a quiz

Four old brains try hard to think

We used to know that!

By Linda Garner

Last night I danced to

Eurotrance on the same floor

As the Queen Mother

By Pete Lambert

The blossom drenched car's

overnight coat commuted.

Left pink, arrives blue.

By Pete Lambert

Where did the years go

From childhood to adulthood

Sliding quickly on...

By June Gadsby

Livebox was dead box

Born again three days later

New life takes over.

By June Gadsby

2nd May 2012

Socially reduced

To a glorified CV

Trite and vacuous

By Phi Yaan-Zek

To Haiku or not

That is the Question today

Think i'll not bother

By Linda Garner

Received an ipod

Amazing technology

IF i can hack it!

By Tony Garner

It read: "No Entry"

On her door sign's other side,

she wrote - "Yes Entry" 

By Mark Garner

First experience

Visual hallucinations 

Not acid, migraine

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

Thief in the night caught

Mighty Mouse will steal no more

Not so mighty now

By June Gadsby

On My Arrival

Eleanor’s Lovely Drawing

Welcome’s Me Back Home

By C F Garner

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