9th October 2011

The rollercoasters

Stuffing your face with pizza

Try not to vomit

By Max Pattman

18th September 2011

A level physics

A fascinating subject

The Higgs particle ????????

By Max Pattman

19th June 2011

End of the school year

I have never been this bored 

Bring on the 6th Form

By Max Pattman

1st May 2011

In an unjust world

The unjust deal justice

A body at sea

By Max Pattman

3rd April 2011

Changes in actions

Good deeds passed on to others

so pay it forward

By Max Pattman

13th March 2011

Exams are really close

My room is littered with work

and cans of red Bull

By Max Pattman

20th February 2011

in san francisco

the gutters are rather deep 

causing pain in feet

By Max Pattman

23rd January 2011

Cabin in forest

The foundations are bodies

I see dead people.

By Max Pattman

9th January 2011

Our team has got cut

Luckily I’m still ballin

I’m a Jammy one

By Max Pattman

26th December 2010

Christmas is finished

Moving on to another 

Bronze turkey sandwich

By Max Pattman

12th December 2010

Crisp December night

The Nizam seem just so right

Cost a Fortune Though

By Max Pattman

5th December 2010

People Risk their lives

Poor old delivery men 

Dropping off my gifts

By Max Pattman

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