Mark Garner


21st Nov 2012

Street walking. Scents of

Washing powder and wood smoke

carried on the breeze

By Mark Garner

5th August 2012


The tide pulls her out
Our hands grip tight lest we part
Love defies nature

By Mark Garner


15th July 2012

A Swiss Rasputin?

Some Cosmic Jokers assist

Mad Krautrock Classic

By Mark Garner

1st July 2012

Nature with the girls

Blue cornflowers...Whitebeam leaves... 

Therapy per se

By Mark Garner

24th June 2012

No Haiku this week;

Normal service resumed soon;

My "Haikai no ku"

By Mark Garner

17th June 2012

"You and me", you wrote,

Then drew our smiling faces

Your Father's Day Card

By Mark Garner

10th June 2012

Countryside flies past

I watch and read the landscape

They stare at laptops

By Mark Garner

27th May 2012

Night phantom visit

Hegel's bird of Minerva

Cries past my window

By Mark Garner

20th May 2012

Walking, I wonder

What those strange blue flowers are

(Forget about work)

By Mark Garner

13th May 2012

Planted a fruit tree

I'm hoping that it endures

And not in Drake's sense!

By Mark Garner

2nd May 2012

It read: "No Entry"

On her door sign's other side,

she wrote - "Yes Entry" 

By Mark Garner

29th April 2012

a sky light at night

raindrop rhythms overhead

don't want it to stop

By Mark Garner

22nd April 2012

Texan, Spangles or

A packet of Pacers in

A Sweet museum

By Mark Garner

18th March 2012

Three nouns - all mean "hill"

Ancient words that come and go

Leave language layers

By Mark Garner

11th March 2012

I know that feeling

Sad rush inside of my head

The Sunday night blues

By Mark Garner

4th March 2012

Welcome to Marvin 

New family addition

Big, friendly tomcat

By Mark Garner

26th February 2012

Singing 'La Lupe'

to myself while I suffer

an actual Fever

By Mark Garner

19th February 2012

Attachment means grief

Old, loved cat's passing is a

Lesson lost in tears

By Mark Garner

12th February 2012

Hot soapy water

Blade cuts umbilical sprue

A Uhlan is born

By Mark Garner

5th February 2012

I Can't stop humming

"Abdul the Bulbul-Amir"

Neither will you, now...

By Mark Garner

29th January 2012

A storm of pure rage

Tears rain down, anger blows out

Post-tantrum sunshine

By Mark Garner

22nd January 2012

Rain, endless boxes,

An agony of waiting...

With help and kindness

By Mark Garner

15th January 2012

Shedding this old skin, 

Discarding this useless junk

Last days in this house

By Mark Garner

8th January 2012

Fingers and Pennies

Last of the Quality Street

Always the toffees...

By Mark Garner

18th December 2011

These electric sloes

On trees devoid of berries

Shine! blue Christmas lights

By Mark Garner

Something a bit Blue?

"Honi soit qui mal y pense"

To borrow a phrase

By Mark Garner

11th December 2011

Treasures or plain junk?

Afraid of letting go and

disposing of "me"

By Mark Garner

4th December 2011

Clearing the attic

Memories shrouded in dust

Time to simplify

By Mark Garner

27th November 2011

In deep, ice-cold dark

Midst swells of Battleship Grey

Rests the Mighty Hood

By Mark Garner

20th November 2011

Rusting brass trophies

Roared then silenced by tigers

Now stand unnoticed

By Mark Garner

13th November 2011

Two hundred and six

Eight countries and two decades

My life in letters

By Mark Garner

7th November 2011

To quote from Shakespeare:

"Nothing either good or bad,

thinking makes it so"

By Mark Garner

30th October 2011

Linger at the gate

Just to check; see her face turn

Small thumbs up and smile

By Mark Garner

My secret hobby

Geppetto (or Giuseppe)

Spirit and paint fumes

By Mark Garner

23rd October 2011


Strangely Beautiful
The man who paints the rainbows
Happy all the time

By Mark Garner


Reaching for the stars
Someone to share my life with
Sense of Belonging

By Mark Garner



16th October 2011

‎'Your health is your wealth'

Face the pain? Prescribed relief

Co-codamol sleep

By Mark Garner

9th October 2011

Saddle up and ride

Off into the misty morn

Yeehaw! Bike Cowboy

By Mark Garner

2nd October 2011

A HUGE spider runs

I capture then release it

(feel like Steve Irwin)

By Mark Garner

25th September 2011

A Proclaimation

Cut and paste style politics

Free Tibet dot Org

By Mark Garner

18th September 2011

Braving the darkness

I escaped from hell, falling

Out through a Fire Exit

By Mark Garner

11th September 2011

Her first day at school

Looks older in uniform

Learning to let go

By Mark Garner

4th September 2011

Brine-encrusted verse

Rhymes of ancient mariners

And Birkenhead drills

By Mark Garner

28th August 2011

Inspiration strikes

Fingers dance freely on keys

A novel concept

By Mark Garner

21st August 2011

Ancient engines roar

Reading "Tyger burning bright"

From an antique page

By Mark Garner

14th August 2011

A murder of Crows

By a tiding of Magpies

A right carry on

By Mark Garner

7th August 2011

Listened in a chair

To Water Music mindful

Of great poverty

By Mark Garner

31st July 2011

My codename's "Armchair"

And her codename's "Paddling Pool"

Walkie talkie fun

By Mark Garner

17th July 2011

Krafty Uncle Sam

Hershey Bars taste of vomit

Bourn villains and Cads

By Mark Garner

10th July 2011

Swings and roundabouts

Always shows patience and love

A true gentle-man

By Mark Garner

3rd July 2011

We run together

Holding hands, dad and daughter

Parent's race; sports day

By Mark Garner

26th June 2011

Open the oak drawer

Breathe in the antique camphor

Miss Havisham cakes.

By Mark Garner

12th June 2011

Make each coffee break

Like a tea ceremony

Treasure the moment

By Mark Garner

5th June 2011

The wave meets the shore

Footprints and sand castles gone

Just driftwood remains

By Mark Garner

15th May 2011

Today a small cold

Has prevented my haiku

From making some sense

By Mark Garner

I've had a good day

Feeling better, all's gone well,

My haiku's improved

By Mark Garner

8th May 2011

Spend days in a daze

Thoughts and emotions roar, so...

Back to the cushion

By Mark Garner

1st May 2011

Mind games and puzzles

Through the wood and meadow

Big blue sky in Check

By Mark Garner

24th April 2011

A Proud Warrior,

Cast in bronze. Looking across

At The Cenotaph

By Mark Garner

17th April 2011

Emperor Norton

A vagrant, ruler, madman,

Or Surrealist?

By Mark Garner

10th April 2011

Like a Samurai

Throughout life's vicissitudes 

Try to keep your seat

By Mark Garner

3rd April 2011

A drink-addled boast?

No. Our novel synopsised

In awesome haikus

By Mark Garner

27th March 2011

Keep Stepping forward

Two years of this and of that.

Keep breathing. Walk on!

By Mark Garner

20th March 2011

Take That; full volume.

Saw, hammer, drill, saw again.

Then, bird song and bees.

By Mark Garner

13th March 2011

She awakes frightened

Dreaming silent streets of night


By Mark Garner

6th March 2011

World turned upside down

See from a new perspective

Practicing headstands...

By Mark Garner

27th February 2011

Out of the gutter

Or half buried in grass verge

I look at the stars

By Mark Garner

20th February 2011

The people's valour

So inspiring and humbling

Arabic heroes

By Mark Garner

13th February 2011

Emotions arise

From dust-covered memories

Aired by an in-breath

By Mark Garner

6th February 2011

Borrow energy

Move through life, ride the surf, change

and then wave goodbye

By Mark Garner

30th January 2011

Conquer all her fears

Like Don Quixote. Now just

My own to tilt at

By Mark Garner

23rd January 2011

Relinquish control

Such a hard yet easy thing

Sit and watch traffic

By Mark Garner

16th January 2011

Not even a month

According to the Romans...

Just a wintry void

By Mark Garner

9th January 2011

Bad Dad Sad Had. Dad -

Is Sad. He Had a Bad Day.

Dr Seuss wisdom...

By Mark Garner

2nd January 2011

Good size, great colour

Already like old friends, we

Go out on a 'limb'

By Mark Garner

26th December 2010

Through taiga, past lake,

Cross steppe, Gobi, some mountains

And you're nearly there!

By Mark Garner

19th December 2010

Frozen pipes at work

Jack Frost's turned vicious; good news... 

I'm sent home early!!!

By Mark Garner

12th December 2010

15 minute lunch

Consume ambient music

Audio Gourmet

By Mark Garner

5th December 2010

Same; yet different

Ice and snow transforms the scene

Moods like the seasons

By Mark Garner

28th November 2010

Fellow commuter

We pass, no salutations

A fox in the snow

By Mark Garner

21st November 2010

Norfolk Ghost Story

“Who Is This Who Is Coming?”

Chilling Inscription

By Mark Garner

14th November 2010

Question: Who Am I?

Changing, Developing Like

Any Human Heart

By Mark Garner

7th November 2010

London Hieroglyphs

Rameses added his mark

And so did the Hun

By Mark Garner

31st October 2010

Running Out Of Leaf

Turn To My Tin Magazine

Stocked With Gunpowder

By Mark Garner

24th October 2010

Mrs Van Der Graaf

The old woman with mad hair

And canine best friend

By Mark Garner

17th October 2010

It is a blank slate

Nothing is coming to mind

Tabula Rasa

By Mark Garner

10th October 2010

Silhouettes at Dusk

Ghostly Steam Clouds Rise Over

Grey Cooling Towers

By Mark Garner

3rd October 2010

Peel away layers

Keep moving further beyond 

Don't forget the mat

By Mark Garner

25th September 2010

Smell Magnolia

On my fingers and my clothes

(the paint, not the film...)

By Mark Garner

5th September 2010

I was walking home

He was cycling, our paths crossed

"Are you Okay?" Smiles.

By Mark Garner

29th August 2010

Old letters I sent

Obnoxious author, I was

And will be again.

By Mark Garner

22nd August 2010

Busy day, so yawn,

Let slumber overcome me,

Humble surrender

By Mark Garner

8th August 2010

Victoria, Bank,

Kew Gardens, Piccadilly,

Mornington Crescent!

By Mark Garner

8th August 2010

Tunes from Muneki,

A Customs Declaration -

His generous gift

By Mark Garner

1st August 2010

Right here and right now

Is the hardest place to be

Will I get there soon?

By Mark Garner

25th July 2010

Need to think what next

Stop being lazy right now

Directions needed

By Mark Garner

18th July 2010

Tuscan and Tasmin,

Marcos Mantis, Fiesta,

Midget and a Sprite

By Mark Garner

11th July 2010

I'll take some time out

Calm down, victual the spirit

Prior to this storm

By Mark Garner

4th July 2010

Trusty and simple

I pay my respects to you;

A good choice by Chris

By Mark Garner

27th June 2010

Dear angry Robins,

Stop harassing our old cat.

Fledglings - sty hidden!

By Mark Garner

20th June 2010

Wind. cliffs and huge sky

Fear engulfs me. "Where are they?" 

Scramble for car keys

By Mark Garner

13th June 2010

Home to Captain Cook

Also to Count Dracula

And me - for a bit

By Mark Garner

6th June 2010

I hope that Cornwall

is both dry and largely free

of holiday crowds

By Mark Garner

23rd May 2010

Incense and chorus

Old stone and stained glass by sun


By Mark Garner

16th May 2010

Blissful resonance

From Denmark or outer space?

Night makes sight grainy

By Mark Garner

9th May 2010

Twist, pull - chop off leaves

Dice, slice, strip, sugar and cook

Rhubarb Crumble - Yum!

By Mark Garner

2nd May 2010

Return to Eden

Through rain and sun see Medlar,

Plum, Quince and Cardoons!

By Mark Garner

28th April 2010

Valve, gyroscope, sect

Volcano, vain, wreck, tactic

Raindrops, spattering

By Mark Garner

18th April 2010

Scent of petrol fumes

Mingle with that of cut grass

Car tyres screech, bees buzz

By Mark Garner

11th April 2010

Homage to Durand

And his sleep of the cypress

Hermoso Lugar

By Mark Garner

4th April 2010

Moist loam on fingers

Seeds pushed deep into the earth

Pigeon’s beady eye

By Mark Garner

28th March 2010

Open windows breathe

Spring air permeates my house

Domestic prana

By Mark Garner

21st March 2010

our dental visit

her tears and trepidation

my gritted-teeth grin

By Mark Garner

14th March 2010

Cat followed by dog

Fish and frog, flamingo too

Faunal asanas

By Mark Garner

7th March 2010

Wish I was a Cat

Curled up asleep all day long

Carelessly content

By Mark Garner

14th February 2010

The walk home from work

Wafted scents of home cooking

From steamy kitchens

By Mark Garner

7th February 2010

Perfect and aging

The lines on your face, to me -

Pure Wabi Sabi

By Mark Garner

1st February 2010

Be Compassionate

Quorn and other non-meat food

Veggie for one week

By Mark Garner

24th January 2010

Twenty Second Jan

Total Eclipse And Shadows

One Minute’s Silence

By Mark Garner

17th January 2010

Ordinary scenes?

Or urban Elysium?

Thank you Marcel Proust

By Mark Garner

10th January 2010

It’s A Brand New Year

Stupid And Selfish Gives Way

To Some Hope And Love

By Mark Garner

21st December 2009

You’re On Santa’s List.

Next Thing - You’re Off Santa’s List.

When Will You Behave?

By Mark Garner

13th December 2009

Blood, War, Shoot, Kill, Death!

Not My Thing: I Much Prefer

The News On TV

By Mark Garner

30th November 2009

I Forget Like A

Circumnavigating Fish

After One’s Bowl’s Tour

By Mark Garner

23rd November 2009

A Beeb Mantra - 10

Print “Om Mani Padme Hum”

20 Go To 10

By Mark Garner

8th November 2009

Blessed Be Weekends

Spare Moments, Broadsheet Browsing

Blissfully Idle

By Mark Garner

25th October 2009

Cranes Dance Whilst Snow Falls

On A Dark Tower Where I

Watch Planets At Night

By Mark Garner

18th October 2009

Your Job Is At Risk

Of Redundancy, They Said

Autumn Shone Outside

By Mark Garner

11th October 2009

Do You Do Haiku?

Wistful Yearning, Keen Insight?

Well, I Wrote These Lines.

By Mark Garner

4th October 2009

Life’s Worries Disperse

Lost In The Soft, Slow Plunge Of

A Cafetiere

By Mark Garner

21st September 2009

ten eager children

assault the bouncy castle.

a euphoric siege

By Mark Garner

14th September 2009

Doll’s Hat Lost In Zoo

But Parent’s Fib Soon Exposed

By Sharp-Eyed Toddler

By Mark Garner

31st August 2009

Baltimore Drug Crime

Sixty Five Hours Watching

TV Late At Night

By Mark Garner

24th August 2009

Old friend, London tryst

Waterhouse and Chinese tea?

Capital idea!

By Mark Garner

17th August 2009

Loose Green tea (roasted),

Bancha Houjicha is my

Japanese cuppa

By Mark Garner

9th August 2009

Friday afternoon

Fog of laziness at work

descends and stifles

By Mark Garner

2nd August 2009

On the phone “Please hold”!

IT play Prog-rock muzak.

Waiting for Godot.

By Mark Garner

26th July 2009

There Was A Young Man

In A Fix: His Haiku And

Limerick Don’t Mix

By Mark Garner

19th July 2009

A Steve Reich Mantra

Chant “You Are Where You’re Thoughts Are”


By Mark Garner

12th July 2009

The Crash Of The Waves

Against The Shifting Shingle

No More: Back From Hols

By Mark Garner

5th July 2009

I stroked cats today

On my way to work, and each

Purred in sympathy

By Mark Garner

28th June 2009

Writing in Haiku

Is like packing far too much

In a small suitcase

By Mark Garner

14th June 2009

Four Poster Bed Hell

Luxury Soft Sofa With

Three Extra Pillows

By Mark Garner

7th June 2009

A Zen Garden Please

No Weeding, No Watering

Just Gravel and Grace

By Mark Garner

31st May 2009

Yellow Canary

Sing no more now you have gone

Leagues down the mine shaft

By Mark Garner

24th May 2009

Acronyms Are A

Useful Latin Abbrevi-

ation; Q.E.D.

By Mark Garner

16th May 2009

Brum Weekend Away

Much Pressure From Chris On Phone

‘Insert Last Line Here’

By Mark Garner

10th May 2009

My Two Year Old Girl

Sings, Shouts and Dances Around

Britain's Got Talent

My Mark Garner

 3rd May 2009

Spring Is Here: Bees Buzz

New Spuds Chit In The Shed And

Smell Of Creosote

By Mark Garner

26th April 2009

In Yoga Night Class

We Shake Holding Tree Posture

Light Breeze Blows Outside

By Mark Garner

19th April 2009

A Short Zen Poem

Dedicated To Alvin

A Haiku-ca-choo

By Mark Garner

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