18th March 2012

Two rocks in the sea

Fernando de Noronha

A dream to explore

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

Autumn arrived here

New season, but not really

I want yellow leaves!

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

A mothers day gift

Our family together

What more could i ask

By Linda Garner

Six Soldiers brought home

Hearts are broken for so many

Must never forget

By Linda Garner

Three nouns - all mean "hill"

Ancient words that come and go

Leave language layers

By Mark Garner

Live in a dew drop

Perfect world hangs on a leaf

Released by the Sun

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Through the mists of time

Memories fade, old dreams die

New goals thrive, shine bright.

By June Gadsby

Plum blossom like snow

Jonquils and anemones

The hedgehogs awake

By June Gadsby

Belly button fluff,

How on earth did you get there?

Complete mystery.

By Jon Crew

An arbitrary


- Haiku with few words

By Jon Crew

Oh what meat is spam! 

Well adored in Korea,

Not so much in Wales.

By Jon Crew

A Haiku Holiday

Madrid & Cuba Await

See You In Three Weeks

By C F Garner

11th March 2012

The Invite arrives

A Summer wedding is planned

Love can conquer all

By Linda Garner

Queen visits Leicester

But we catch bus to loughborough

Away from the crowds

By Tony Garner

Hope, the inner spirit,

Shines brightly, shimmers then fades;

A candle burning.

By June Gadsby

Life is an ocean

Depths, currents, tides, waves surging

Dreams of shores too far.

By June Gadsby

When the eyes are fooled

The heart also can be blind

Until the head rules

By June Gadsby

Royal Harry’s here 

But my real British prince

Is yet to arrive

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

I’m Racing The Waves

A Cool Spring Breeze Rushes Past

Cycling By The Thames

By C F Garner

I know that feeling

Sad rush inside of my head

The Sunday night blues

By Mark Garner

Divorced from Nature

We've been domesticated

and factory farmed!

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Creme brûlée is here,

Shallow desserts and sweet ends,

God in an egg tart.

By Jon Crew

At my fingertips,

A universe of wisdom,

But I just get spam

By Jon Crew

4th March 2012


Forty Three years gone so fast

Glad i said i do

By Linda Garner

Seed trays in greenhouse

Hopes are high for fresh new Life

Is Spring here at last

By Tony Garner

Welcome to Marvin 

New family addition

Big, friendly tomcat

By Mark Garner

"For ev'ry drop of

rain that falls a flower grows"?


By Pete Lambert

Just a poem was I,

Gorged on fatty syllables,

Until my diet

By David Gadsby

Haiku here and there

haiku where Mr Haiku Man?

Haiku here and there!

By Vanessa Bandini Gadsby

A person has layers

Like an onion peel them back

Reveal the true heart

By June Gadsby

Fading memories

Daffodils immortalised

By an artist's hand.

By June Gadsby

My buttons pushed deep

Scared and happy to see you

Contradictions meet

By Phi Yaan-Zek

How many syllables?

A haiku with an extra one

in all the sentences

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

These Pools are Doorways

From Your World to All Worlds. All

Crystal Balls; Seers

By C F Garner

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