27th March 2011

From Dry Winter Wood

Blossom Trees Explode Colour.

They’re Just Showing Off!

By C F Garner

Keep Stepping forward

Two years of this and of that.

Keep breathing. Walk on!

By Mark Garner

Caught in cross currents

Navigating stormy seas

Focus on lighthouse 

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Sun has his hat on 

Busy lives ignore the sun

Stand still and enjoy 

By Angie Thomas

I am at college

Today is my short day way

Cant wait to get home

By Chris ‘Dickey Mint’ Kurt

Fighting My Corner

Where I Learned To Work The Ropes

Boxing My Shadows

By Stukelinho

20th March 2011

Inspiration From

A Beautiful Horizon

Thank You For My Gift

By C F Garner

Take That; full volume.

Saw, hammer, drill, saw again.

Then, bird song and bees.

By Mark Garner

King cockroaching mask

Extolling old vanities

Crush with giant shoe

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Life Is A Long Fight

Life Should Be Free of Worry

We Made It This Way

By Angie Thomas

13th March 2011

Exams are really close

My room is littered with work

and cans of red Bull

By Max Pattman

computer cupid

replaces romance and fate

probable matches

By Jason Roberts


Be magically fertile

Our thoughts make the world

By Phi Yaan-Zek

She awakes frightened

Dreaming silent streets of night


By Mark Garner

song is in your head

emotions stirred by music

moving you to tears

By Linda Diane Thomas

winter falls away

bulbs appear in the sunlight

sunshine makes us smile

By Angie Thomas

i am at college

it has been ok today

i cant wait for home

By Chris ‘Dickey Mint’ Kurt

Breakdown Or Break Through

A Long Dark Night Of The Soul

Courage Will Spark Light

By C F Garner

6th March 2011

World turned upside down

See from a new perspective

Practicing headstands...

By Mark Garner

Imbued with new growth

I let go of my winter

Spring into passion

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Been to Bradgate Park

Sun Shone on the hills today

Was all perfection

By Angie Thomas

Sunrise Descending

From The Peaks, To The Tree Tops

Melting Frost Glazed Roofs

By C F Garner

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