16th June 2013

No more treatment now

She wrote on hospital door

So brave, so proud Gran

By Linda Garner

Stand still and Look in

A well of tears flow through here

My eyes add to them

By Linda Garner

This Tree still stood tall

Around all was taken now

Life like love goes on

By Linda Garner

26th April 2013

A son finds true love

A Daughter in law for me

Our family grows

By Linda Garner


5th March 2013

Cold Dark England day

Then the happy news came out

Brasilian sun

By Linda Garner

28th Dec 2012

Santa train again

"Why does he sound different"

"Because he's older"

By Linda Garner

21st Nov 2012

Autumn chill round us

We watch him in the sunshine

Skype links together

By Linda Garner


5th August 2012

Precious Sunny Days
Memories gathered up now
For dark winter nights

By Linda Garner


15th July 2012

She has it sorted

Lets play Trains,Park, and Seaside

Girl and Gran pretend

By Linda Garner

1st July 2012

Ready for new life

These precious days with our son

Brasil here he comes

By Linda Garner

24th June 2012

A beautiful bride

A day to treasure always

Lets celebrate Love

By Linda Garner

17th June 2012

One week to practice

My reading for the wedding

Hide my Leicester twang

By Linda Garner

10th June 2012

A Garden party

The rain was not invited

But came anyway

By Linda Garner

27th May 2012

Mama Mia Isle

"Here we go again" on hols

Hope Colin Firth there !

By Linda Garner

20th May 2012

Grab each day that comes

But why do i worry so ?

It's just a habit

By Linda Garner

13th May 2012

Our team in a quiz

Four old brains try hard to think

We used to know that!

By Linda Garner

2nd May 2012

To Haiku or not

That is the Question today

Think i'll not bother

By Linda Garner

29th April 2012

Marakesh was great

Souks, Medinas and spices

So much History

By Linda Garner

22nd April 2012

Need a holiday

A chance to clear my mind

Before it fogs up

By Linda Garner

18th March 2012

A mothers day gift

Our family together

What more could i ask

By Linda Garner

Six Soldiers brought home

Hearts are broken for so many

Must never forget

By Linda Garner

11th March 2012

The Invite arrives

A Summer wedding is planned

Love can conquer all

By Linda Garner

4th March 2012


Forty Three years gone so fast

Glad i said i do

By Linda Garner

26th February 2012

She becomes a star

Cardboard tube instead of mike

Big finish and bow

By Linda Garner

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