16th June 2013

Where there were tank traps

Peace has recovered the ground

Regard the bluebells

By June Gadsby

26th April 2013

Leaves, buds and blossom

The green world is born again

Nature's miracle

By June Gadsby

28th Dec 2012

How will you survive

a week without Internet


By June Gadsby

Flying, fluttering

Leaves of plantain soar high

Sign of things to come.

By June Gadsby

21st Nov 2012

Scary dark presence

Invisible hands beating

The message unclear

By June Gadsby


15th July 2012

Alone in his space

Like a pendulum silenced

His choice, his own hand

By June Gadsby

Bark falls from plantains

Like reptiles shedding old skin

Or humans' old lives.

By June Gadsby

24th June 2012

Memories take flight

Like rose petals on the wind;

Perfume of the past.

By June Gadsby

17th June 2012

Words true from the heart

Need fear no accent grave;

Only the tied tongue

By June Gadsby

Once upon a dream

I thought I would never leave

The river still flows

By June Gadsby

10th June 2012

Do not wait for me

The world outside my window

Is more expressive.

By June Gadsby

A cornish pasty

Washed down well with Scrumpie

Strawberry cream tart.

By June Gadsby

20th May 2012

Lost my Haiku hat

It floated off in the wind

Oh chapeau, chapeau!

By June Gadsby

Early risers all

Angie, Linda Daisy, June

Long days, longer life!

By June Gadsby

Today? A bonus.

Yesterday has passed and gone.

Tomorrow, who knows?

By June Gadsby

13th May 2012

Where did the years go

From childhood to adulthood

Sliding quickly on...

By June Gadsby

Livebox was dead box

Born again three days later

New life takes over.

By June Gadsby

2nd May 2012

Thief in the night caught

Mighty Mouse will steal no more

Not so mighty now

By June Gadsby

29th April 2012

Long days of deluge

A short day of sun shines through

Lucky rain sandwich

By June Gadsby

22nd April 2012

The skies are weeping

Winter has passed on, lingers

Awaits Spring's rebirth.

By June Gadsby

Stalkers paradise.

They'll follow you where you go.

Anonymous world.

By June Gadsby

A distant drum beats

Nostalgic memories rise

The past is calling

By June Gadsby

18th March 2012

Through the mists of time

Memories fade, old dreams die

New goals thrive, shine bright.

By June Gadsby

Plum blossom like snow

Jonquils and anemones

The hedgehogs awake

By June Gadsby

11th March 2012

Hope, the inner spirit,

Shines brightly, shimmers then fades;

A candle burning.

By June Gadsby

Life is an ocean

Depths, currents, tides, waves surging

Dreams of shores too far.

By June Gadsby

When the eyes are fooled

The heart also can be blind

Until the head rules

By June Gadsby

4th March 2012

A person has layers

Like an onion peel them back

Reveal the true heart

By June Gadsby

Fading memories

Daffodils immortalised

By an artist's hand.

By June Gadsby

26th February 2012

Simply to enjoy

Donned beret, became hirsuit

Vive le carnaval!

By June Gadsby

19th February 2012

Keep still - she won't see

Don't move - be invisible

Ah, the stuff of dreams.

By June Gadsby

Supple trees that bend

Patience and understanding

Rigid trees break, fall.

By June Gadsby

12th February 2012

Three sisters as one

A century of life lived

And then there are none

By June Gadsby

The wisdom of the owl

Visited upon a few

Wise in afterthought

By June Gadsby

5th February 2012

Fields of lavender

Perfume of heaven, inhale

Soothe the troubled mind

By June Gadsby

Fluttering snowflakes

Falling like tiny soft stars

Blanketing the ground

By June Gadsby

Paths of gold beckon.

Follow them, embrace your dream;

Bright colour of joy.

By June Gadsby

A bird in the hand

Such a wonderful feeling

At one with Nature

By June Gadsby

29th January 2012

Caress the dream

It's yours to have and to hold

Never forsake it.

By June Gadsby

22nd January 2012

Winter well of hope

Frozen rainbows in prisms

Dreams melt, disappear

By June Gadsby

15th January 2012

A seated Buddha

Crystal colours on water

Soft meditation

By June Gadsby

8th January 2012

No words come to mind

Brain resting; body active

Keep fit and Zumba !

By June Gadsby

18th December 2011

Physically challenged

Suffering borrowed man-flu

Feeling a mite blue.

By June Gadsby

4th December 2011

Spiced Christmas fragrance;

Turkey sizzling, plum pudding;

Grandma's ginger wine.

By June Gadsby

Snowflakes and carols;

Eyes shining, cheeks all aglow;

Childhood memories.

By June Gadsby

27th November 2011

Youth fades like a rose.

The vessel, worn, still holds

The girl that was me.

By June Gadsby

20th November 2011

Blanket of grey fog

Like the grey thoughts in my head

Waiting for the sun

By June Gadsby

13th November 2011

I approach the oaks

This year's old vines in my sights

Acorns crunch beneath

By June Gadsby

7th November 2011

Bright November morn.

Blue skies, purple mountains rise

With mantles of snow.

By June Gadsby

Autumn reflection

After summers discontent.

What brings the winter?

By June Gadsby

23rd October 2011


The walls speak to me;
Incomprehensible thoughts.
Hissing Sid is trapped.

By June Gadsby


The Autumn winds blow.
Leaves tumble and fall in haste,
Heralding new life.

By June Gadsby


Judge not too harshly
Face, clothes, attitude - search for
The person within

By June Gadsby


Petit Paradis,
Where my heart will always be
Behind gates of joy.

By June Gadsby




16th October 2011

Mister Beau Jangles

Rattles stones above my dreams

Plays his nocturne game

By June Gadsby

Mystic morning lights

Shine through a frowning sunrise

Oh, reluctant day!

By June Gadsby

Escape old beliefs;

Go into the possible;

Be amazed by all

By June Gadsby

A rainbow at dawn

Magically spans the rooftops.

The storm has ended.

By June Gadsby 

The call of the wild

Silenced in paint on canvas

His beauty captured.

By June Gadsby

9th October 2011

In a spice garden

My hand was stroked with saffron

“Now, Buddhist,” he said.

By June Gadsby

A cup of nectar;

Ginger tea with Cinnamon.

Ceylon’s healing balm.

By June Gadsby

Mad! Wanders through village;

Mutters as she counts fingers:

Five, seven – Haiku!

By June Gadsby

Three sisters unwed

Ninety years live together

One remains, two dead

By June Gadsby

2nd October 2011

Sulking furry friend

Toby has the doggie blues

Rolled in poo – bath time!

By June Gadsby

Walking ‘neath silent skies;

No caw, no tweet, no flutter.

Where have the birds gone?

By June Gadsby

Maize, once tall and proud

Is cut and gone to fodder.

Awake Brigadoon.

By June Gadsby

Pretty white kitten

Bounds, blue eyes full of surprise.

Lands in dyke; soars.

By June Gadsby

25th September 2011

The hounds are baying

In the green hills all around.

Shots echo. A kill.

By June Gadsby

Ears alert, eyes bright;

Answers the call of the wild.

But no walk today.

By June Gadsby

The hedgerows glisten

Dew like diamonds in the grass

A twitter of birds. Morning.

By June Gadsby

Sid dropped in for tea,

Ate lizard but left the tail;

Above my head; snake.

By June Gadsby

September grasses

Draped with sparkling tinsel webs

Flowers doze. Autumn

By June Gadsby

18th September 2011

Maize high, golden, dry;

Whispers neath falling rain: sshhh!

Me wet; soggie dog.

By June Gadsby

Ghostly shapes in mist

Emerge, green gentle giants.

Gently jewelled lake.

By June Gadsby

September sun lies low

Hedgerows glisten, glow and gleam;

Shimmering cobwebs

By June Gadsby

Grapes warm from the vine

Like vintage muscadet wine

Orbs of temptation

By June Gadsby

11th September 2011

Pure and virginal,

Fairy goblets, nectar full,

Inner child revived.

By June Gadsby

Lost and neglected,

Not pretty, nor is she brave.

Dog in need of T.L.C.

By June Gadsby

4th September 2011

Terribly tetchy,

No reason, no rhyme; he rants.

Soft vibes soothe *my* happy place.

By June Gadsby

Dreams of family

Around the Christmas table.

Fading memories.

By June Gadsby

Indigo clouds roll

Rain splashes down like cold tears.

Think silver linings.

By June Gadsby

With no thought to mind

I stroke the head, feel the kiss.

Thor, sweet Rottweiler.

By June Gadsby

28th August 2011

Black velvet jungle

Fireflies dress silent river

Cicadas sing sweet.

By June Gadsby

Round Sacred Baobab

Sorrowing souls still linger

Beneath ancient boughs.

By June Gadsby

Inspiration low;

Reluctance reigns supreme,

Paints a blank canvas.

By June Gadsby

Dark thoughts, blind worms crawl

Trailing poisonous demons.

Turn to the light - cleansed.

By June Gadsby

Haiku, five, then seven.

Oh, what have you done to me?

Can't stop Haiku-ing!

By June Gadsby

21st August 2011

Dark skies like dark thoughts.

Thunder echoes, heart beats still;

Till Monsoon's Release

By June Gadsby

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