24th June 2012

A beautiful bride

A day to treasure always

Lets celebrate Love

By Linda Garner

Welcome back ‘Winter’

I receive you with open scarfs.

Bring some cold this time

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

Memories take flight

Like rose petals on the wind;

Perfume of the past.

By June Gadsby

Mate de coca

Served up with fond memories

And plans to return

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Like Proust’s Madeleine

Tasting Mate de Coca

...I’m Back in Peru!

By C F Garner

He Spent His Time Well.

Finally Face-to-face With

Harrison’s H4

By C F Garner

No Haiku this week;

Normal service resumed soon;

My "Haikai no ku"

By Mark Garner

Maybe chicken pox

On my little boy's small face,

Still cute in dad's eyes.

By Jon Crew

17th June 2012

"You and me", you wrote,

Then drew our smiling faces

Your Father's Day Card

By Mark Garner

Imminent deadline

Deeper With The Anima

Mastering session

By Phi Yaan-Zek

One week to practice

My reading for the wedding

Hide my Leicester twang

By Linda Garner

Words true from the heart

Need fear no accent grave;

Only the tied tongue

By June Gadsby

Once upon a dream

I thought I would never leave

The river still flows

By June Gadsby

In Monet’s Garden

Surrounded by white flowers

A Brasilian blooms

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos & Chris Garner

Fourteen Stories High

Alone, One Last Look from a

Privileged View Point

By C F Garner

10th June 2012

A Pilgrim's Promise

To a Sacred Waterfall

Joyfully Fulfilled

By C F Garner

Yes! She liked the doll

And made a photo story.

Cutest thing on Earth!

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

Bye bye Holiday

Good to be with family

Now back to real life

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

Countryside flies past

I watch and read the landscape

They stare at laptops

By Mark Garner

Barren, wind swept fields

When sleep is a luxury

There's no sheep to count 

By Phi Yaan-Zek

A Garden party

The rain was not invited

But came anyway

By Linda Garner

Do not wait for me

The world outside my window

Is more expressive.

By June Gadsby

A cornish pasty

Washed down well with Scrumpie

Strawberry cream tart.

By June Gadsby

"Thanks for your helpful

suggestions." *click* We both knew

what I really meant.

By Pete Lambert

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