26th June 2011

Open the oak drawer

Breathe in the antique camphor

Miss Havisham cakes.

By Mark Garner

Birthday Cakefest Soon

The sun better shine all day

Will Chris be on time

By Angie Thomas

25 Years Since

The Album That Changed My Life.

The Queen Is Dead. Lives

By C F Garner

With strewn serpent heads

Bathe in victory's warm glow

Till next shadow fall 

By Phi Yaan-Zek

19th June 2011

Those who believe that

Charity begins at home

May have missed the point

By Mark Thomas

Everybody Knows

That Diamonds Are Forever

Shine On, John Barry

By C F Garner

End of the school year

I have never been this bored 

Bring on the 6th Form

By Max Pattman

Is my cupboard bare?

Illusions of emptiness

A feast from within

By Phi Yaan-Zek

12th June 2011

Make each coffee break

Like a tea ceremony

Treasure the moment

By Mark Garner

Rain Flooding My Mind

Brimming Monsoon Memories

Summer Thunder Storms

By C F Garner

Tune into myself

Search for that homing beacon

What's the frequency?

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Hamlet calls again

Not being but doing soon

In sun or rainfall

By Steven Langley

Need to think quickly

Discombobulation calls

No ideas arrive

By Angie Thomas

A bad atmosphere

Of fear and paranoia

Something needs to change

By Mark Thomas


5th June 2011

My hundredth haiku

How to mark this occasion?

Letter from the Queen?

By Phi Yaan-Zek

The wave meets the shore

Footprints and sand castles gone

Just driftwood remains

By Mark Garner

Racing My Shadow

Flying Beneath Outstretched Arms

Fingers For Feathers

By C F Garner

Riding the rapids

Like rag-doll in washing machine

Centre-parcs again

By Linda Diane Thomas

Holidays always

No more work for me again

Lotto win for me

By Angie Thomas

I'm okay with it

Which means that you should be too

Holiday banter

By Mark Thomas

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