27th June 2010

‘The Road Not Taken’

Her Words Echo Robert Frost

Time To Choose A Path

By C F Garner

Dear angry Robins,

Stop harassing our old cat.

Fledglings - sty hidden!

By Mark Garner

I hold my true despair,

Jerusalem dead and gone 

The world has passed us

By David Gadsby

My Solstice challenge

Learning to give from the heart

And grow from the pain

By Phi Yaan-Zek

sand between the toes

the ice cold touch of the sea

breathe the salty air

By Linda Diana Thomas

Haiku friends great Chris!

Timing seasons earth verses

We all shine brighter

By Steven Langley

20th June 2010

What’s A Haiku For?

It’s The Joy Of The Journey

It’s Learning To See

By C F Garner

Wind. cliffs and huge sky

Fear engulfs me. "Where are they?" 

Scramble for car keys

By Mark Garner

Hide my oasis

Behind needy desert bones

Get ya fresh juice here

By Phi Yaan-Zek

spring has been and gone

summer's here in fits and starts

nights are drawing in.

By Linda Diana Thomas

13th June 2010

The Sun’s Goodnight Kiss

Brilliantly Golden, On

Summer Swallows Wings

By C F Garner

Home to Captain Cook

Also to Count Dracula

And me - for a bit

By Mark Garner

Empathy, she smiles

I'm here and I'm on the mend

Stay true to my heart

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Did i just eat that?

not supposed to have choc-late

i'm on a diet!

By Linda Diana Thomas

6th June 2010

My Footsteps In Sand

Impermanence In Motion

Watch The Waves Erase

By C F Garner

I hope that Cornwall

is both dry and largely free

of holiday crowds

By Mark Garner

Aggressive, tender

I am Emperor Bluebell!


By Phi Yaan-Zek

♫♪ I'm looking over

a four-leafed clover that I

overlooked before..... ♫♪

By Linda Diana Thomas

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