28th June 2009

Within The White Noise

Of A White Water River

I Find The Silence

By C F Garner

My Mum used to say

Money does not grow on trees

Now it is my turn!

By Amy Lovell

Writing in Haiku

Is like packing far too much

In a small suitcase

By Mark Garner

Biological psycho

psychological tumour


By Vanessa Bandini Gadsby

She calls at dusks end

Lunatic Mother of the night 

Full of new tidings

By David Gadsby

Go back-wards in time

Been here be-fore-be here been

Time in wards-back go

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Foothills Feel Just Fine,

I’m Happy In Hill Stations.

Mountains and Rivers!

By Stukelinho

14th June 2009

Mark Slept As A King

Whilst I Selflessly Sofa’d

Watched London’s Night Sky

By C F Garner

The Scent of Summer

Drifting Through The Gooey Air

I Am Eight Again

By Amy Lovell

Four Poster Bed Hell

Luxury Soft Sofa With

Three Extra Pillows

By Mark Garner

Summer, shirts off

In the naked sun we burn

Like crimson firecrackers

By David Gadsby

A warm hug, Sun kissed

Rain won't cry...the sun is here

Golden Ancient God

By Vanessa Bandini Gadsby

Feck! Arse! Drink! Girls! Feck!

Feck! Arse! Drink! Girls! Feck and Feck!

Watching Father Ted

By Phi Yaan-Zek

In Search Of Lost Time

A Train Paused Between Stations

Proust! De Botton! See!

By Stukelinho

7th June 2009

Although An Absence

Carrying Loss Weighs Heavy

But Can Make Hearts Strong

By C F Garner

Grass Tickling My Feet

Reminds Me of Those Summers

When I Was a Child

By Amy Lovell

A Zen Garden Please

No Weeding, No Watering

Just Gravel and Grace

By Mark Garner

Please look right and left

when crossing dangerous roads (A120)

squashed little furries...:(

By Vanessa Bandini Gadsby

The dew on vine leaves

Encapsulates secret worlds

Reflections bare fruit

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Let The Right One In

A Vampiric Metaphor

That Love Bites And Drains

By Stukelinho

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