15th July 2012

She has it sorted

Lets play Trains,Park, and Seaside

Girl and Gran pretend

By Linda Garner

Alone in his space

Like a pendulum silenced

His choice, his own hand

By June Gadsby

Bark falls from plantains

Like reptiles shedding old skin

Or humans' old lives.

By June Gadsby

A Swiss Rasputin?

Some Cosmic Jokers assist

Mad Krautrock Classic

By Mark Garner

Would like to align

In a planetary way

With my beloved

By Phi Yaan-Zek

In Order To Fly

I’m Casting Off Possessions.

Horizons Await

By C F Garner

1st July 2012

Ready for new life

These precious days with our son

Brasil here he comes

By Linda Garner

Nature with the girls

Blue cornflowers...Whitebeam leaves... 

Therapy per se

By Mark Garner

Like hearing myself

With pure crystal clarity

Montalk brings focus

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Shade, lights and colour

Seven Caravaggios

Amazing beauties

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

British Summer Time

In A Green and Pleasant Land.

God Waters The Lawns

By C F Garner

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