This Weeks Haiku

31st July 2011

Chateau to Chateau

Sacred Stones, Mont St Michel

Clarinha's Dream Tour

By C F Garner & Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

Hello hidden self

Angry that your plan to rule

The world always fails

By Phi Yaan-Zek

My codename's "Armchair"

And her codename's "Paddling Pool"

Walkie talkie fun

By Mark Garner

Gone before my birth


I rake with your rake

By Pete Lambert

Far too hot to sleep,

Early hours dropping off

Woke by fly on arm

By Linda Diane Thomas

Booked to fly away

Nervousness and excitement

Get to see great friend

By Angie Thomas

17th July 2011

Learning backwards speech

Happy birthday turkey bath

With chorus of friends

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Krafty Uncle Sam

Hershey Bars taste of vomit

Bourn villains and Cads

By Mark Garner

Greensleeves rings out in

Increased saturation not


By Pete Lambert

Forty Years of Phi

The Machu Picchu Cave Sprites

Yadhtrib Yppah Gnis

By C F Garner

10th July 2011

Swings and roundabouts

Always shows patience and love

A true gentle-man

By Mark Garner

All the days fly by

Like perpetual jet lag

While staying at home

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Sunshine lights up day

Sunshine make us smile each day

We need more sun NOW

By Angie Thomas

Chris Garner’s London

Beautiful Lovely Moments

Yes! Shrek is Alive

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

The Swallows Return

To Herald The Summer Sky

Isis & The Thames

By C F Garner

3rd July 2011

We run together

Holding hands, dad and daughter

Parent's race; sports day

By Mark Garner

A Film About Goats;

Silence; Nature; Light; Life; Death

Le Quattro Volte

By C F Garner

The mystique of trees

Antennae grounding starlight

Linking the cosmos

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Prom night here again

Proud parents watch from afar

Where did the years go?

By Angie Thomas

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