25th July 2010

“Chris!” The Swallows Sing

Beckoning On Graceful Wings

“Chris!” “Chris!” “Learn To Fly!”

By C F Garner

Need to think what next

Stop being lazy right now

Directions needed

By Mark Garner

Through everything

Nothing less than my whole heart

I commit to thee

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Imagine writing

Breakfast Cereal poems

    Get Lennon today!

By Steven Langley

oh no! haiku time

i can't think of one to write

help me please someone!

By Linda Diana Thomas

18th July 2010

I Do Not Exist!

No Self To Defend Or Praise

The Mirror Wiped Clean

By C F Garner

Tuscan and Tasmin,

Marcos Mantis, Fiesta,

Midget and a Sprite

By Mark Garner

Drip, drip drip drip drip

turn off that blasted tap, drip

drip, DIY hell

By David Gadsby

Mending my puncture

To give without deflation

My soul spins again

By Phi Yaan-Zek

marshmallow bedspread

enfolding me in comfort

problems lost in sleep

By Linda Diana Thomas

Parts played for lives lived

Lighting up stories at last

He can see mountains

By Steven Langley

11th July 2010

May My Path Lead Me

From Beech Trees To Bodhi Tree

Awake To Each Step

By C F Garner

I'll take some time out

Calm down, victual the spirit

Prior to this storm

By Mark Garner

splendid sun rises,

a peacock crows somewhere

announcing the day

By David Gadsby

Wonderful mirror

Reduce me to hidden depths

Burn till love remains

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Violence up north

It is summer, twenty ten

I’m On Holiday

By Mark Thomas

Cathay calls old friend

     Spinning Globe drives us through space

     Where are we going?

By Steven Langley

4th July 2010

I Feel Possessed, By

So Many Things, So Much Stuff.

Unburden & Breathe

By C F Garner

Trusty and simple

I pay my respects to you;

A good choice by Chris

By Mark Garner

Strawberry kisses

A fructose saliva fest

In the sweetest smile

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Early morning cat

meows at my window

four a.m. alarm

By David Gadsby

cakes in abundance

laid on vintage tablecloth

tummies satisfied!

By Linda Diana Thomas

Thunder clouds gather

Many great fingers of God

Leave towns in ruins

By Mark Thomas

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