26th July 2009

There Was A Young Man

In A Fix: His Haiku And

Limerick Don’t Mix

By Mark Garner

“Hmmm,” Said His Brother,

Have You Another?; Or Add

Haiku’s Till It’s Fixed

By C F Garner

Velvet Voice Takes Me

Lilac Sky Embraces Me

Life In Slow Motion

By Amy Lovell

Dull, wet summer days

climbing mountains in cagools

what a joy to camp!

By David Gadsby

Rain drops pale Sunlight,

Seven colours shone above,

golden pot somewhere?

By Vanessa Bandini Gadsby

Memory weeping

Missing time feeds tomorrow

Wish to be elsewhere

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Carrying The Years

As Bags Under Eyes; To Be

Counted Like Tree Rings

By Stukelinho

19th July 2009

Let Go Of Your Heart

Let Go Of Your Head, And Feel!

Two Goddesses Sing

By C F Garner

A Steve Reich Mantra

Chant “You Are Where You’re Thoughts Are”


By Mark Garner

raindrops one two three

thunder bing bang booong thud thud

wind shhh shhh......A Storm...

By Vanessa Bandini Gadsby

Test the summer sounds 

Willow cracks hard on leather 

Smouldering ashes

By David Gadsby

Footprints From Small Steps

A Hare Staring At The Moon

Giant Leaps Of Belief

By Stukelinho

A, B, C, D, E

I'm hungry mum, what's for tea?

Alphabet noodles!

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Living In A Dream

Hiding In A Secret Place

Feeling Slightly Numb

By Amy Lovell

12th July 2009

The Reckless Dreamers

The Commuters Life Sentence

Life Flew Past Through Glass

By C F Garner

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 but...

That's just a cop out!

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Haiku Forgotten

Wondering Where My Head Is

Anybody Seen It?

By Vanessa Bandini Gadsby

I Watch A Wasp Strip

Layers of Wood from a Bench

Paper Tiger Home

By Stukelinho

The Crash Of The Waves

Against The Shifting Shingle

No More: Back From Hols

By Mark Garner

Back Then Cold Grey Yard

Now Explosions of Colour

Peace Amongst Chaos

By Amy Lovell

5th July 2009

The Force Of The Fall

Like White Water Cascading

We Fall; Then Move On

By C F Garner

Golden Sun, Warn Skin

Glistening, Rippling Water

Splash! Perfectly Cool

By Amy Lovell

I stroked cats today

On my way to work, and each

Purred in sympathy

By Mark Garner

You say "potato!"

I say "guatemalan frog!"

Call the whole thing off!

By Phi Yaan-Zek

A Russian Goddess

The Wind Caressing Her Hair

With Lover’s Fingers

By Stukelinho

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