26th April 2013

There is no wisdom,

In this monkey life timeline

Just error made dumb.

By Jon Crew

24th June 2012

Maybe chicken pox

On my little boy's small face,

Still cute in dad's eyes.

By Jon Crew

18th March 2012

Belly button fluff,

How on earth did you get there?

Complete mystery.

By Jon Crew

An arbitrary


- Haiku with few words

By Jon Crew

Oh what meat is spam! 

Well adored in Korea,

Not so much in Wales.

By Jon Crew

11th March 2012

Creme brûlée is here,

Shallow desserts and sweet ends,

God in an egg tart.

By Jon Crew

At my fingertips,

A universe of wisdom,

But I just get spam

By Jon Crew

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