26th February 2012

Nature surrounds me

Birds fly in all directions

Life: one special gift!

By Emma Brookes

A country to fix

Mission for my Haitian kids

Joy and saudades

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

Salt Air On Thames Tide

Memories Of Distant Shores

& English Seasides

By C F Garner

She becomes a star

Cardboard tube instead of mike

Big finish and bow

By Linda Garner

Retina Ageing

Leads to hospital visit

Father time rolls on

By Tony Garner

Hear the spiral song

Birds from the Galactic Core

Heralding our Dawn

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Simply to enjoy

Donned beret, became hirsuit

Vive le carnaval!

By June Gadsby

Singing 'La Lupe'

to myself while I suffer

an actual Fever

By Mark Garner

Planned a weekend

Illness put a stop to plan

Feeling better now

By Angie Thomas


19th February 2012

Cross Words Will Puzzle

One Down to Experience

Two Across Purposes

By C F Garner

Parties all around 

While I hide in my studies

Yeah, it’s Carnival.

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

Attachment means grief

Old, loved cat's passing is a

Lesson lost in tears

By Mark Garner

Augmented starlight

Signals beamed through my fingers

In sonic cascades

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Keep still - she won't see

Don't move - be invisible

Ah, the stuff of dreams.

By June Gadsby

Supple trees that bend

Patience and understanding

Rigid trees break, fall.

By June Gadsby

Three sisters as one

A century of life lived

And then there are none

By June Gadsby

Alsatians kissing.

One called milo, one called mars,

Brothers, friends, always.

By Linda Diana Thomas

12th February 2012

My Horizon in

The Arms of an Olive Tree

Sunshine on Blossom

By C F Garner

While there it’s snowing

It's really really hot here.

Please send some snow flakes

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

Cold accusations

Dark stories brings winter's chill

Let love melt the ice

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Hot soapy water

Blade cuts umbilical sprue

A Uhlan is born

By Mark Garner

Three sisters as one

A century of life lived

And then there are none

By June Gadsby

The wisdom of the owl

Visited upon a few

Wise in afterthought

By June Gadsby

5th February 2012

Fear of Letting Go

Last Leaf on a Winter Tree

Shivers off the Snow

By C F Garner

Lightning and pink sky

Nature showing its power

In my window’s view

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

(Photo by Mark Greathouse)

Memorably dreamt

Jesus, Admiral Akbar

Fought in my garden

By Pete Lambert

No past or future

Arise ye synchro gnostics

Everything is you!

By Phi Yaan-Zek

I can't stop humming

"Abdul the Bulbul-Amir"

Neither will you, now...

By Mark Garner

Beer, fags, cake, tea

Wine, biscuits, cat food, not me

Oh bugger its Feb (ruary!) 

By Steven Langley

Fields of lavender

Perfume of heaven, inhale

Soothe the troubled mind

By June Gadsby

Fluttering snowflakes

Falling like tiny soft stars

Blanketing the ground

By June Gadsby

Paths of gold beckon.

Follow them, embrace your dream;

Bright colour of joy.

By June Gadsby

A bird in the hand

Such a wonderful feeling

At one with Nature

By June Gadsby

Wiltshire I'll be back

Mysteries and UFO's

Owls and sky watching

By Nathalie Sintes

Purple field ahead

Rises Ah, then falls away

As do my concerns

By Jeff Alexander

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