27th February 2011


The Meaning Of My Words Were

Lost Within Her Gaze

By C F Garner

Out of the gutter

Or half buried in grass verge

I look at the stars

By Mark Garner

Fear, power, beauty

Born in deep sensual throes

We touch each other

By Phi Yaan-Zek

‘Chico y Rita’

Reminds Me of life’s passion;

Beauty; Love; & Loss

By Stukelinho

20th February 2011


Miami; Paris; England

Precious Friendship Forged

By C F Garner

The people's valour

So inspiring and humbling

Arabic heroes

By Mark Garner

Return your green top

To the crumbling wall I built

That keeps me distant

By Phi Yaan-Zek

so three becomes four

where have the last four years gone

bring on the next four!

By Amy Lovell

She’s Out Of My League

Where Once I Played Champions League

Now Forty, League One?

By Stukelinho

in san francisco

the gutters are rather deep 

causing pain in feet

By Max Pattman

Celebrations came

last night ended our play

Guinness bad for you!

By Steven Langley

13th February 2011

Across The Waters

A Stone Is Skipping Lightly

Dancing With The Waves

By Stukelinho

In My Reflection

I Saw The Face Of My Fear

& Saw Through The Both

By C F Garner

Emotions arise

From dust-covered memories

Aired by an in-breath

By Mark Garner

Am thinking 'bout it...

am still thinking about it...

Flake or no flake? Hhmmm?!

By Amy Lovell

Let sleeping dogs lie?

Growl at my docility

So that the truth bites!

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Nice Surprise today

Forgot tomorrow NO WORK

What to do all day 

By Angie Thomas

Worked hard at college

Got a Brilliant report

I am very Proud

By Kate Thomas

No College today

Spent all day on the X box

Day is nearly gone

By Chris ‘Dickey Mint’ Kurt

Enter Shikari

i just them on web cam

They said "Hi" to me! 

By Molly Thomas

Barney the FAT cat

Scratching the sofa again

He's a NAUGHTY boy

By Mark Thomas

From fire she rose

Gilded Mother calls her child

Great river wash me

By Steven Langley

6th February 2011

Melting Snowman Tears

Wait For Spring Within The Earth

& Bloom As Snow Drops

By C F Garner

Borrow energy

Move through life, ride the surf, change

and then wave goodbye

By Mark Garner

As the Sun peeks through

Your existence touches me

Everything is clear

By Phi Yaan-Zek

The wind still blowing

When you said your last goodbye

Where is my sun gone

By Amy Lovell

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