26th April 2013

wisdom comes with time, 

and mistakes and more mistakes, 

pity perfection

By David Gadsby


5th August 2012


London twenty twelve

Gold medal coach potato.

Olympic addict

By David Gadsby

4th March 2012

Just a poem was I,

Gorged on fatty syllables,

Until my diet

By David Gadsby

29th January 2012

Rain falls steadily

A rhythmic soliloquy

expressed in nature

By David Gadsby

22nd January 2012

try desperately to

write worthy verse in only

fourteen syllables

By David Gadsby

15th January 2012

On reeds cat floats scared

clasped feet and frozen still

ladder rescue comes

By David Gadsby

9th October 2011

A madman’s castle

impregnable Fortress

keeps sanity out 

By David Gadsby

9th October 2011

A madman’s castle

impregnable Fortress

keeps sanity out 

By David Gadsby

2nd October 2011

Dancing bear does tricks

On a waterfall his paws

Natures fishing rod

By David Gadsby

11th September 2011

Exchange of glances

Me, Lobster -Should I eat him?

No, Its frog today

By David Gadsby

24th April 2011

Frog, eels, cat, dog meals

Where does all the food come from

To feed one billion?

By David Gadsby

17th April 2011

Play offs beckon for just one

Trees and foxes fight

A stalemate suits none

By David Gadsby

10th April 2011

Fragrant harbour life

Reproduced in human acts

On a grandiose scale

By David Gadsby

17th October 2010

From wilderness and

foreign shores I return to

the joy of haiku

By David Gadsby

18th July 2010

Drip, drip drip drip drip

turn off that blasted tap, drip

drip, DIY hell

By David Gadsby

11th July 2010

splendid sun rises,

a peacock crows somewhere

announcing the day

By David Gadsby

4th July 2010

Early morning cat

meows at my window

four a.m. alarm

By David Gadsby

27th June 2010

I hold my true despair,

Jerusalem dead and gone 

The world has passed us

By David Gadsby

11th April 2010

Stormy skies and crows

Float over fields of ripe corn

Vincent captures it

By David Gadsby

4th April 2010

Spring rears on hind legs

Dancing with a renewed hope

Please winter be gone

By David Gadsby

17th January 2010

The Samurai waits

through Autumn preparing 'til 

perfection arises

By David Gadsby

8th November 2009

Crunch, Crunch, Crunch, Crunch, Crunch

This week, crunch, i've been mainly 

cycling on leaves, CRUNCH!

By David Gadsby

1st November 2009

Blue cheese and quorn pate,

Skipjack tuna, marmalade

God i'm hungry today

By David Gadsby

25th October 2009

Leaves fall like butterflies

amidst autumn, the wind blows

beckoning branches

By David Gadsby

11th October 2009

Missing rolling hills

Stone circles, corn, pyramids

Returning home soon

By David Gadsby

4th October 2009

to owe two haiku

is a stressfull thing for sure

lazy slapdash sloth

By David Gadsby

31st August 2009


Sad Old FOX Still Up To All

His Wily Old Tricks

By David Gadsby

24th August 2009

New Home, Too many Shoes

I counted forty seven

Glad we have more Room

By David Gadsby

17th August 2009

A full seasons hope

smouldering into ashes

the forest burns up

By David Gadsby

9th August 2009

Freckles of space dust

Commit us to vainly wake 

Early to see but clouds

By David Gadsby

2nd August 2009

Gripped by nature's urge

All consuming ceaseless search

For Public Toilets

By David Gadsby

26th July 2009

Dull, wet summer days

climbing mountains in cagools

what a joy to camp!

By David Gadsby

19th July 2009

Test the summer sounds 

Willow cracks hard on leather 

Smouldering ashes

By David Gadsby

28th June 2009

She calls at dusks end

Lunatic Mother of the night 

Full of new tidings

By David Gadsby

14th June 2009

Summer, shirts off

In the naked sun we burn

Like crimson firecrackers

By David Gadsby

31st May 2009

Invisible Ghosts

Sing Through Iron Branches

A Hum Of Humanity

By David Gadsby

24th May 2009

Empty Mountain Passes

An Insect Crawl On A Rock

..The True Works Of Art..

By David Gadsby

16th May 2009

Stars appear like dust

Through windows in night’s blanket

brief glimpses of time

By David Gadsby

10th May 2009

Autumn, New Season,

Fourteen Frightened Foxes Flee

From Forest Fire

By David Gadsby

3rd May 2009

Darkness stains eye’s window

Consciousness fades, sleep comes

My world ceases

By David Gadsby

26th April 2009

Four days of thinking

Not finding the right words to use

Haiku frustration.

By David Gadsby

19th April 2009

Fox Cubs Distracted

Inquisitive In Their Youth

Grave Danger, Headlights!

By David Gadsby

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