28th August 2011

Harvesting the beans

Growing my own food these days

You all should try it

By Angie Thomas

Deeply Sleep; or Love

Honour Horizontal Hours

Where Dreams are Conceived

By C F Garner

Warm and dry winter

My nose thinks it`s a desert

Oh, please pour some rain

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

Inspiration strikes

Fingers dance freely on keys

A novel concept

By Mark Garner

To find my cascade

In perpetual motion

With freedom and ease

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Inaudible till

Too close to focus now, knew

I'd get bit, but slept

By Pete Lambert

Black velvet jungle

Fireflies dress silent river

Cicadas sing sweet.

By June Gadsby

Round Sacred Baobab

Sorrowing souls still linger

Beneath ancient boughs.

By June Gadsby

Inspiration low;

Reluctance reigns supreme,

Paints a blank canvas.

By June Gadsby

Dark thoughts, blind worms crawl

Trailing poisonous demons.

Turn to the light - cleansed.

By June Gadsby

Haiku, five, then seven.

Oh, what have you done to me?

Can't stop Haiku-ing!

By June Gadsby

21st August 2011

Ancient engines roar

Reading "Tyger burning bright"

From an antique page

By Mark Garner

Moonlight Reflecting

Upon Pond Water Ripples.

The Surface Tension

By C F Garner

Thank you my dear Skype

For a new experience 

Above all distance

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

In earthly fragments

Coalesce from timeless realms

Bathe in the one light

By Phi Yaan-Zek

No rhymes spring to mind

Need some inspiration quick

Bugger it blank mind

By Angie Thomas

Dark skies like dark thoughts.

Thunder echoes, heart beats still;

Till Monsoon's Release

By June Gadsby

14th August 2011

Says the English man: 

Greenwich- this is where time starts. 

Me: where does it end? 

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

Have too much to do

Need a holiday from time

Live in the freeze frame

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Charles Darwin’s Notebooks

Voyages of the Globe and Mind

I Stand Where He Stood

By C F Garner

A murder of Crows

By a tiding of Magpies

A right carry on

By Mark Garner

"Knew he could do it,

and only two office days!"

(He last slept Wednesday)

By Pete Lambert

Just went to the pub

Had an awesome time with friends

Want to go to bed

By Chris ‘Dicky Mint’ Kirt

7th August 2011

Big English bear hug

A sure way to happiness 

When will our paths cross?

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

Listened in a chair

To Water Music mindful

Of great poverty

By Mark Garner

à Borboleta

Synchronicities & Signs

The Path Opens Up

By C F Garner

Too much Pottering

Easy jetting out of here

To ground on the beach

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Thank you for your words

From the bottom of my heart

Hugs, Love, light and smiles

By Nathalie Sintes

Head is hurting now

It needs hands to massage it

No offers to help

By Linda Diane Thomas

Quaker founders ruled

Borough dry which found us

Off the beaten track

By Pete Lambert

Is Autumn here now?

Its August not October

Sun is requested

By Angie Thomas

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