29th August 2010

Le Pure Cafe, Our

Enlightened Conversation

Bright Shining Futures

By C F Garner

Old letters I sent

Obnoxious author, I was

And will be again.

By Mark Garner

Hardened veteran

These battle wounds a disguise

Let your heart be seen

By Phi Yaan-Zek

weight-watchers beckons

middle-aged spread is spreading

salad here i come

By Linda Diana Thomas

a status update

the saddest thing on facebook

with not one comment

By Jason Roberts

22nd August 2010

To Uproot \ Up Sticks

A Moving Experience?

So Much Baggage

By C F Garner

Busy day, so yawn,

Let slumber overcome me,

Humble surrender

By Mark Garner

Smash those rusty locks

How to be an open door

And let love pour through

By Phi Yaan-Zek

I'm darkly deceived

False wish provider be gone

Shooting star has died

By Jason Roberts

8th August 2010

Wonderful Nova

Joyful Walks On Wiltshire’s Hills

Treasured Memories

By C F Garner

Victoria, Bank,

Kew Gardens, Piccadilly,

Mornington Crescent!

By Mark Garner

Ninety days of fun

Can't get by the three month itch

Lonely git again

By Mark Thomas

my dog eats my crisps,

and sleeps on my feet at night

perfect companion

By Linda Diana Thomas

Rain greys the days now

Dreaming sun in my mind's eye

Wash away storm clouds

By Steven Langley

To the setting sun

The bright liquid gold over sea

My mind proceeds forth

By Jason Roberts

Stuck Record Breaker

Dedication’s What You Need

To Move Through The Grooves

By Phi Yaan-Zek

8th August 2010

Beyond The Bubble

Reality In Widescreen

Joy! Now Stay Awake!

By Chris Garner

Tunes from Muneki,

A Customs Declaration -

His generous gift

By Mark Garner

Secret Festival

Your Silent Celebration

In The Joy I Feel

By Phi Yaan-Zek

tether at it's end

my patience is wearing thin

keep looking forward

By Linda Diana Thomas

Teenager Tantrums

They Think That They Know It All

Sadly Not The Case

By Mark Thomas

Glass of gold gets less

Staring people laugh at sky

Oh God! I am pissed!

By Steven Langley

1st August 2010

As Miss Newsom Sings

“Fate As Malleable As Clay”

So Shape Your Future

By C F Garner

Right here and right now

Is the hardest place to be

Will I get there soon?

By Mark Garner

Mountain of demands

Fear is clinging by a thread

Love is letting go

By Phi Yaan-Zek

chips and curry sauce

sausages and tomatoes

my favourite foods

By Linda Diana Thomas

Thousand sunrises

     On one page rays kiss you warm

     Film your life and dreams

By Steven Langley

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