29th April 2012

Back from holiday

Morocco's memory fades

Washed away by rain

By Tony Garner

Marakesh was great

Souks, Medinas and spices

So much History

By Linda Garner

Brush over the past

Each day is a blank canvas

To repaint oneself

By Phi Yaan-Zek

6 months it is then 

Waiting for my beloved one 

Please, mr time, hurry!

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos

a sky light at night

raindrop rhythms overhead

don't want it to stop

By Mark Garner

Long days of deluge

A short day of sun shines through

Lucky rain sandwich

By June Gadsby

You are always cold

Though is it not cold in here

You affirm coldness

By Pete Lambert

Risen From Ashes

The Cutty Sark Is Reborn

I Toast Her With Tea

By C F Garner

22nd April 2012

Need a holiday

A chance to clear my mind

Before it fogs up

By Linda Garner

Yes, my dream came true!

In the Caribbean sea

I swam with dolphins!

By Ana Clara Oliveira Santos & Chris Garner

Texan, Spangles or

A packet of Pacers in

A Sweet museum

By Mark Garner

The skies are weeping

Winter has passed on, lingers

Awaits Spring's rebirth.

By June Gadsby

Stalkers paradise.

They'll follow you where you go.

Anonymous world.

By June Gadsby

A distant drum beats

Nostalgic memories rise

The past is calling

By June Gadsby

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