24th April 2011

Frog, eels, cat, dog meals

Where does all the food come from

To feed one billion?

By David Gadsby

On emerald beds

Swathes of vibrant blue lilac

Hear the bells singing

By Phi Yaan-Zek

A cloud follows me

His rain irrigates my mind

He is my best friend

By Steven Langley

Wiltshire this summer

Naked Avebury will be

Will you be with me ?

By Nathalie Sintes

Holidays coming

Need to find another car

Walking all the way

By Angie Thomas

Stand Before The Storm

Be A Man For All Seasons

Summon The Courage

By C F Garner

A Proud Warrior,

Cast in bronze. Looking across

At The Cenotaph

By Mark Garner

17th April 2011

Wedding Of The Year

Congratulations Amy

A Beautiful Bride

By C F Garner

Emperor Norton

A vagrant, ruler, madman,

Or Surrealist?

By Mark Garner

It's that time again

when beetles play loud music

I must get out more

By Steven Langley

Play offs beckon for just one

Trees and foxes fight

A stalemate suits none

By David Gadsby

Indulgent special

Served up with a silver spoon

Where's the gratitude?

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Be safe for your health

Waitrose and Fukushima

take care of your lives

By Nathalie Sintes

Midsomer murders

Barnaby has changed his face

John nettles, "come back!"

By Linda Diane Thomas

Easter holidays

Sun comes out to greet us all

Everyone enjoy

By Angie Thomas

10th April 2011

Like a Samurai

Throughout life's vicissitudes 

Try to keep your seat

By Mark Garner

With nothing to prove

And everything to enjoy

Timelessness beckons

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Fragrant harbour life

Reproduced in human acts

On a grandiose scale

By David Gadsby

The Pilgrim’s Progress

Is Not Measured In Distance

Awake & Aware

By C F Garner


3rd April 2011

The Dome Of St Paul’s

Reflecting London’s Night Lights

We Beam Up Our Smiles

By C F Garner

Beautiful children

Bless our lives: empty pockets

Would not change a thing

By Angie Thomas

A drink-addled boast?

No. Our novel synopsised

In awesome haikus

By Mark Garner

Waves of pink petals

Enticing me to revel

In embodied bloom

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Changes in actions

Good deeds passed on to others

so pay it forward

By Max Pattman

On The Mountain Path

Discipline Wedded To Joy

The Summit Awaits

By Stukelinho

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