28th April 2010

Flower, Bed, Spring, Stream

Melted Chocolate Watches

Easter Egg Timers

By C F Garner

Valve, gyroscope, sect

Volcano, vain, wreck, tactic

Raindrops, spattering

By Mark Garner

Torn but brash - Arf! Arf!

Dengo, we have much to say

Summon the penguin

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Agent Orange play

The notes float on the night air

Ears are delighted

By Linda Diana Thomas

18th April 2010

The Bees and The Breeze

Kiss The Blossom From The Trees

Confetti The Stream

By C F Garner

Scent of petrol fumes

Mingle with that of cut grass

Car tyres screech, bees buzz

By Mark Garner

My loner's armour

Aloofness yields attraction

How convenient

By Phi Yaan-Zek

I walked with eva

The sun was low in the sky

The dew wet her feet

By Linda Diane Thomas

11th April 2010

A World Without Birds

Would Be Silent & Lifeless!

Thank Our Feathered Friends

By C F Garner

Homage to Durand

And his sleep of the cypress

Hermoso Lugar

By Mark Garner

Stormy skies and crows

Float over fields of ripe corn

Vincent captures it

By David Gadsby

All false promises,

drugs will kill your few neurones

trust has been broken

By Vanessa Bandini Gadsby

Shake, shake, twist and turn

Have no grace under pressure

Water in the ear

By Phi Yaan-Zek

4th April 2010

Sim, estou lendo

O alquimista em dois

Livros e linguas

By C F Garner

Moist loam on fingers

Seeds pushed deep into the earth

Pigeon’s beady eye

By Mark Garner

Spring rears on hind legs

Dancing with a renewed hope

Please winter be gone

By David Gadsby

Love brought all madness,

a palette of blue colours

I see your portrait.

By Vanessa Bandini Gadsby

Blossoming season

Carry yourself on the wind

Like a sweet fragrance

By Phi Yaan-Zek

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