26th April 2009

The Dogs Delighted

To Dance Through Dandelions

& Roll In Cow Dung

By C F Garner

I can’t find the words

I’m thinking, I’m thinking, but

None come to my mind

By Amy Lovell

In Yoga Night Class

We Shake Holding Tree Posture

Light Breeze Blows Outside

By Mark Garner

Just receiving grace

Why make it so difficult

When Chuck is in town

By Phi Yaan-Zek

Emma she calls me,

Fetching manor of madness,

Day, night...there I go!

By Vanessa Bandini Gadsby

Four days of thinking

Not finding the right words to use

Haiku frustration.

By David Gadsby

Doors Of Perception

A Blackbird In The Blossom

A Gatekeeper Sings

By Stukelinho

 19th April 2009

Each Life Is A Dream

That’s Guided By The Senses

I’m Glad You’re In Mine

By C F Garner

A Short Zen Poem

Dedicated To Alvin

A Haiku-ca-choo

By Mark Garner

The Feeling Of Spring

Is Breathing Within My Soul

I’m Smiling. I’m Here

By Amy Lovell

Fox Cubs Distracted

Inquisitive In Their Youth

Grave Danger, Headlights!

By David Gadsby

Dusky Clouds, Sun’s Gone

Van And Man In My Way, Fool!

Emergency Stop

By Vanessa Bandini Gadsby

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