20th May 2012

Mondays are so bad

Weekends need to be so more

Friday soon I hope

By Angie Thomas

26th February 2012

Planned a weekend

Illness put a stop to plan

Feeling better now

By Angie Thomas

29th January 2012

Katy being watched

There is no need for Big brother

When there is Barney

By Angie Thomas

22nd January 2012

country village calm

distant stillness far away

tranquil life a dream

By Angie Thomas

8th January 2012

New Year New Thoughts

Try to be more positive

Got to be Good Year

By Angie Thomas

18th December 2011

Feeling rather blue

Blackberry phone has broken down

Need to borrow one

By Angie Thomas

11th December 2011

New camera is here

So excited i danced

Bloody thing is broke

By Angie Thomas

4th December 2011

Watching Field of Dreams

Tears are flowing freely now

Makes me cry with Joy

By Angie Thomas

27th November 2011

Inspire me chris

My mind is blank, but what new

Next week maybe one

By Angie Thomas

7th November 2011

Winter gloom arrives

Curtains close so snuggle in

Cold starts to creep in

By Angie Thomas

16th October 2011

Pink Welly Katy

A modern day pink lady

Trendy in the rain

By Angie Thomas

9th October 2011

Bleak skies rise ahead

Fading of the night time skies

What will the day bring?

By Angie Thomas

2nd October 2011

Wonders of the skies

Shine the natural canvas

Beauty above us

By Angie Thomas

18th September 2011

Chris is getting old

But he is old already

Never will I catch him

By Angie Thomas

11th September 2011

Windy days blow in

Leaves fall off the trees, time gone

Winter chills blow in

By Angie Thomas

4th September 2011

Bad Bad Day Today

Need to find new direction

Need a good cheer up

By Angie Thomas

28th August 2011

Harvesting the beans

Growing my own food these days

You all should try it

By Angie Thomas

21st August 2011

No rhymes spring to mind

Need some inspiration quick

Bugger it blank mind

By Angie Thomas

7th August 2011

Is Autumn here now?

Its August not October

Sun is requested

By Angie Thomas

31st July 2011

Booked to fly away

Nervousness and excitement

Get to see great friend

By Angie Thomas

10th July 2011

Sunshine lights up day

Sunshine make us smile each day

We need more sun NOW

By Angie Thomas

3rd July 2011

Prom night here again

Proud parents watch from afar

Where did the years go?

By Angie Thomas

26th June 2011

Birthday Cakefest Soon

The sun better shine all day

Will Chris be on time

By Angie Thomas

12th June 2011

Need to think quickly

Discombobulation calls

No ideas arrive

By Angie Thomas

5th June 2011

Holidays always

No more work for me again

Lotto win for me

By Angie Thomas

22nd May 2011

Strong winds hit our town

Stupid boot lid slams on head

Lesson there somewhere?

By Angie Thomas

15th May 2011

Eight more sleeps to go

Total relaxation for me

Bliss bliss bliss bliss bliss

By Angie Thomas

8th May 2011

Need a holiday

Fast pace is continuous 

Cornwall here we come

By Angie Thomas

1st May 2011

Today is stressful

Thinking of little bunnies

Oh chris is driving

By Angie Thomas

24th April 2011

Holidays coming

Need to find another car

Walking all the way

By Angie Thomas

17th April 2011

Easter holidays

Sun comes out to greet us all

Everyone enjoy

By Angie Thomas

3rd April 2011

Beautiful children

Bless our lives: empty pockets

Would not change a thing

By Angie Thomas

27th March 2011

Sun has his hat on 

Busy lives ignore the sun

Stand still and enjoy 

By Angie Thomas

20th March 2011

Life Is A Long Fight

Life Should Be Free of Worry

We Made It This Way

By Angie Thomas

13th March 2011

winter falls away

bulbs appear in the sunlight

sunshine makes us smile

By Angie Thomas

6th March 2011

Been to Bradgate Park

Sun Shone on the hills today

Was all perfection

By Angie Thomas

13th February 2011

Nice Surprise today

Forgot tomorrow NO WORK

What to do all day 

By Angie Thomas

23rd January 2011

Sweating everyday

Must attempt to get fitter

How long will it last

By Angie Thomas

2nd January 2011

New year, new troubles

Try to be more positive

Tired of the fight

By Angie Thomas

14th November 2010

New Sofa Is Great

Old Sofa Stuck In The Door

Must Go Out, Came In!!!

By Angie Thomas

31st October 2010

Christmas Is Coming

Good Friends and Family Meet

All Gather In Love

By Angie Thomas

24th October 2010

working all day long

family times on my mind

wanting to be home

By Angie Thomas

17th October 2010

Working all day long

Home with very tired feet

Early to my bed

By Angie Thomas

10th October 2010

At Work With Migraine

Wishing I Had Some Pills To Take

Leaving Soon Thank God

By Angie Thomas

3rd October 2010

Hazy Summer Sun

Long Winding Roads Passing By

Chatting Passes Time

By Angie Thomas

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