20th February 2011

so three becomes four

where have the last four years gone

bring on the next four!

By Amy Lovell

13th February 2011

Am thinking 'bout it...

am still thinking about it...

Flake or no flake? Hhmmm?!

By Amy Lovell

6th February 2011

The wind still blowing

When you said your last goodbye

Where is my sun gone

By Amy Lovell

14th March 2010

an unknown abyss

feels like falling, no way back

heart racing with fear

By Amy Lovell

7th March 2010

Feet above the ground

something pulling me downwards

smile still not fading

By Amy Lovell

8th November 2009

Eight legged spider

Unaware of the danger

Two legged toddler!

By Amy Lovell

4th October 2009

stuck in a bubble

struggling to find my purpose

world moving outside

By Amy Lovell

14th September 2009

Salt Water Stings Me

Like The Words That Reach My Ears

Regret Smoothers Me

By Amy Lovell

31st August 2009

Reggae Beats Bouncing

To The Soft Tyres On The Road

Concrete Fading Fast

By Amy Lovell

26th July 2009

Velvet Voice Takes Me

Lilac Sky Embraces Me

Life In Slow Motion

By Amy Lovell

19th July 2009

Living In A Dream

Hiding In A Secret Place

Feeling Slightly Numb

By Amy Lovell

12th July 2009

Back Then Cold Grey Yard

Now Explosions of Colour

Peace Amongst Chaos

By Amy Lovell

5th July 2009

Golden Sun, Warn Skin

Glistening, Rippling Water

Splash! Perfectly Cool

By Amy Lovell

28th June 2009

My Mum used to say

Money does not grow on trees

Now it is my turn!

By Amy Lovell

14th June 2009

The Scent of Summer

Drifting Through The Gooey Air

I Am Eight Again

By Amy Lovell

7th June 2009

Grass Tickling My Feet

Reminds Me of Those Summers

When I Was a Child

By Amy Lovell

31st May 2009

Ribbons like dew drops

waiting to fall from the tree

hopes catching the breeze

By Amy Lovell

24th May 2009

I listen again,

Wearing a new pair of ears.

I dont judge you now'

By Amy Lovell

16th May 2009

Am I friend or foe?

I always try to be fair

I do understand

By Amy Lovell

10th May 2009

This Haiku is hard

Is my mind just so empty?

Where have my thoughts gone?

By Amy Lovell

3rd May 2009

My daughter calls me

I answer her “yes Ella”

She laughs and runs off!

By Amy Lovell

26th April 2009

I can’t find the words

I’m thinking, I’m thinking, but

None come to my mind

By Amy Lovell

19th April 2009

The Feeling Of Spring

Is Breathing Within My Soul

I’m Smiling. I’m Here

By Amy Lovell

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